An honest opinion please – can a mere mortal rock Kristen Stewart’s buzz cut?


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When we saw Ruth Bell in the Burberry ad campaign next to her long-haired twin May, we started to wonder. “Hmm, yes we know we’re hearing hairdressers yell ‘CUTS ARE BACK!’, but is this a little extreme?”. And then Kristen Stewart turns up on the red carpet sporting a bleached buzz cut by stylist Bridget Brager, and the interwebs just Melt. Down.

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Yes, she looks seven shades of awesome – she’s Kristen fricking’ Stewart! – but is this a trend we’re going to be seen down a high street near you anytime soon? But perhaps, more importantly, should this be a trend – can us lowly civilians really consider the buzz cut a serious option?

We decided to ask Toni&Guy’s international artistic director Indira Schauwecker, who’s worked on London Fashion Week shows and is part of the team that creates all that incredible imagery you see in your local Toni&Guy’s window. Indira, level with us – is this a good idea?

 “As it’s a statement hairstyle, it will attract attention and questions, which you will be need to prepared for”

“As it’s a statement hairstyle, it will attract attention and questions, which you will be need to prepared for, as well as a wardrobe change to add a feminine touch to the masculine style,” she says. So yep, you gots to be committed to this one, ladies!

You will also need to consider your head shape – which might be a first for most. If your head is flat, you won’t have any hair to mask it and a number 3 cut will exaggerate that shape, which is normally hidden under your locks.

Those oval face shape types yet again get the head start, as pretty much EVERYTHING suits them (I’m not jealous – heart shape-faced editor). However,Indira enjoys the quirkiness of shaven heads with faces that are not perfect – she believes you need individual, interesting features to compliment the hairstyle.

And you got to throw a sideways glance at your profile too – Indira’s tip for this is to tie your hair into a tight pony tail and take pictures from different angles to familiarise yourself with precisely what your head and face look like from every angle possible. Show. No. Mercy. Because if you do this, you’ll have no hair to hide behind. We’re taking full exposure.

Maybe you want to take baby steps first? “If you’re not quite ready for proper buzz cut, you could start with a shorter style or you could shave the sides to give a feeling of no hair, which exposes the face,” Indira advises. And age shouldn’t put you off – Indira did it herself at 34. “I endured comments and had to change my wardrobe as it was easy to look powerful and masculine,” she said. “But I strongly believe that it’s your personality rather than age that determines whether you can pull this look off. A strong, quirky personality goes hand in hand with this statement style.”

And when your buzz wears off, and you want rid of the cut? Because the hair is all the same length, it’s hard to grow out as it follows the head shape. But Indira’s advice is to focus on growing the perimeter areas. “If you attempt to grow the hair out all at once, it will follow the shape of your head and be very rounded,” she winces. “If you cut the top short and grow the sides, similar to a mullet, it will grow faster and square.”

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