The perfect gym hairstyle to help you keep your resolutions!

Layered writer and gym bunny, Beth Davie, puts three styles through their paces to see which one has what it takes to see her through from gym, to drinks, to the next day…

Ever since I suffered a slipped disc at the grand old age of 30, I’ve been going to the gym; Pilates specifically, but (as with everything) I soon found myself hitting the harder stuff and I now do body pump, spin and I’m even considering taking up boxing. But the one thing I’ve never managed to get a handle on is my hair. Morning gym class is followed by a quick shower… and my hair is left to dry and do as it pleases. Lunchtime class? Hair is pulled back using my fingers in a bun, where it then proceeds to fall out into a slightly damp ponytail in the afternoon (lovely). Evening class? Nothing, it’s game over as I drag my sweaty self back home. So you get the picture – me, my hair and the gym coexist, but don’t really get along, leaving me feeling ever so slightly self-conscious as I go from gym to a work event to drinks with friends in the evening. I decided enough was enough; something had to be done.

That something came in the form of hairstylist, Beth Patton, who works at Jones & Payne in Shoreditch. Just two minutes from the office, the salon was the perfect starting point to discuss with a professional my new-found gym hair obsession. I sat down with Beth P (as she will heretofore be called to avoid confusion) to discuss key gym hair looks that would a) last and b) work in the outside world. We settled on boxer braids, a fishtail plait and space buns. Which one sprinted past the finish line to victory? All will be revealed… 

Boxer braids

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Fishtail plait

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Space buns

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I honestly loved all the looks, but if I had to pick, I’d probably choose the boxer braids, closely followed by the space buns. Not only did the boxer braids look great the longest (and I think received the most envious looks in the gym – people certainly weren’t admiring my downward dog at any rate), they looked fab when taken out. It was also great to talk to a hairdresser about my gym hair conundrum. Beth P provided varying ways to style my hair at home, but to be completely honest, it was so easy and nice to get my hair done by a professional and not worry about it for a few days that I’d recommend serious gym goers give their local salon a call pronto.

To book an appointment with Beth P or any of the other fabulous hairdressers at Jones & Payne, click HERE