Heatwave causing hair chaos? Keep your cool with these tips and tricks…

The heat is on and while we love any excuse for an ice-cream break, our hair will use any excuse to get frizzier as the mercury rises. But help is at hand! Anna Cofone, Lana Del Rey’s hairstylist, reveals how to keep your hair looking cool through the UK heatwave and beyond…

Mix your oils
The key to taming frizz is to add as much moisture as you can – so oils are great, but purely oil-based products can often be heavy and make hair even more unruly. So use an oil-based cream instead (I like Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream), which has the right ratio of cream to oil to moisturise hair while also giving hold.

Treat once a week
At-home masks and treatments are great for giving a boost of moisture to dry, frizzy hair – make sure you use them consistently to see the best results, once a week is enough. My favourite frizz-taming treatment is a kitchen cupboard remedy – mix three drops of almond oil into a mashed-up banana and massage into damp hair. Leave for 25 minutes, rinse and shampoo.

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Up your supplements
Omega 3 supplements are great because they boost moisture in your skin (and scalp), leading to more hydrated, less frizzy hair. Take two before bed every night – after three months, you’ll start to notice results.

Avoid shampooing…
Washing hair can strip it of its natural oils, which tend to be low in frizzy hair to begin with, so it’s important not to deplete them any more. I wash my hair every four days, and never brush in-between as this can also contribute to unruly texture. If it’s looking messy by say day three, I break up any big bits of hair by lightly skimming an afro comb through.

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… and over- blow-drying
I wash my hair in the evening, towel dry, add an oil-based cream then braid or twist it into a loose bun – this helps to lock in the moisture and shape, which in turn minimises frizziness. If my hair is still damp in the morning, I use my hairdyer on a low heat and speed to dry it off.

When you do blow-dry, use two brushes
The best way to get a smooth blow-dry quickly and easily yourself is to use a paddle brush to remove all of the moisture. Then take sections, starting at the back, and blow-dry smooth with a natural bristle brush.

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Hairspray + toothbrush = bye, bye baby hairs
You know those annoying frizzy bits around your hairline that are too short (and fragile) to blow-dry/straighten? Mist a soft toothbrush with hairspray and use this to gently tease them into place.

Know when to embrace the frizz
I love wearing my hair big and curly, and love seeing women like Grace Coddington and Thandie Newton sporting their frizz with pride. But to slim down hair that looks a little too big and puffy, twist smalls sections on either side of your face and secure with kirby grips.

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