Happy New Year, hair!

You could juice some kale, ditch the daiquiri or stub out that cigarette. But our New Year’s resolutions here at Layered Online involve looking after our hair (because OF COURSE THEY DO). Here’s what we’re faithfully promising to do in 2018…

My hair resolution is… to sleep on it

“I’ve now been bleaching my hair for two years, and while I always use a colour additive like Smartbond from L’Oréal Professionnel or Redken’s pH Bonder to help keep damage minimised, I know I owe it to my hair to do more. So, my new year’s hair resolution is to go to bed with a smooth operator… an overnight treat of coconut oil, hair wrapped in a disposable shower cap, one night every month. I should do weekly, but BABY STEPS PEOPLE.”
Amanda, editor



My hair resolution is… to ditch the pony

So long, lazy ponytail. Goodbye self-image shame. In 2018, I resolve to stop neglecting my hair and devote more time to actually styling it. After Michael Van Clarke fixed my dodgy cut and changed my ‘don’t’ into an actual ‘do’, I’ve got no excuse. Plus, I’ve realised that an extra 10 minutes spent on it in the morning (and a little product experimentation here and there) makes me feel miles better throughout the day than smashing snooze one last time.
Alison, social media editor



My hair resolution is… to have more haircuts

I know, I know – you should get your hair cut every six weeks to keep it looking healthy and split end-free. And it’s not like I’ve even got an excuse – I write about hair for a living! It’s on my mind all the time and yet I still can’t get round to booking an appointment and visiting the salon. But it wasn’t until I’d recently got my hair cut that I realised how bad my hair really was – my last trim was March! I’d used oil on my ends and I’d thought this had saved them from splitting, but this wasn’t the case if my hairdresser’s shake of the head was anything to go by (does anybody else hate disappointing their hairdresser?). And as I sat at the backwash, enjoying a head massage, a load of magazines on my lap and a cappuccino waiting for me back at my chair, I resolved to do this more often – not only for my split ends, but for my sanity.
Beth, staff writer


My hair resolution is… to use greener products

Over the past few months I’ve been making a real effort to reduce the bad things I’m doing to the planet. I’m very far from perfect, but I’ve made a start by cutting down on meat, using less electricity and walking as much as I can.

The next step is to extend this philosophy to the products I use. That means picking ones that contain more natural ingredients, use sustainable energy for their production, aren’t tested on animals – and always recycling the bottles once I’m done with them. And with gorgeous brands like Aveda, Davines and Pureology out there, that’s probably not going to be too much of a task. It’s always easier to set achievable goals, right?
Anna, staff writer


My hair resolution is… to make a date night with my hair

This is it, next year I am taking control over my dry ends! This is long overdue, so my hair resolution is to nurture, nurture, nurture! I’m talking long baths, oils, scrubs and masks. Yes, this is a full-on hair repair mission. Come 2018 I’m taking some much needed ME TIME – I am going on a date with my hair!
I want my hair (and scalp) to feel rejuvenated and hopefully it will look healthy, fresh and shiny too. I am very guilty of frequent hair colouring and quite a lot of heat styling! Although I don’t really want to change my hair routine too much (I quite like to have pink ends from time to time) I wonder if I take some serious me time once a month, will I be able to continue my normal routine without too much permanent damage?
Eva, digital designer


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