Happy New Hair!

The Layered Online team have been busy reflecting on their hair sins. With a new decade ahead of us, we’ll be holding tight to these resolutions for the next 12 months. Or trying to, anyway…

Time to get some professional (hair) help

After vowing to experiment more with hair styling in 2019, it turns out I, er, didn’t. The truth is, when faced with my bedroom mirror each morning or before a night out, I got the hair fear and reverted to the same old down-do. So in 2020 I’m going to give it another go, but this time with some help. I plan to consult with hair pros, attend an in-salon styling workshop or two, and swot up on the best way to get my self-styled locks to look the business. Time to feel the fear and do it anyway. – Alison, digital editor

The heat is on – no more!

2019 has been the year of learning to manage my thick tresses and it has been a JOURNEY. From trying out the KeraStraight Ultimate Treatment at the start of the year to switching up my products to include more powerful mask alternatives, I’ve learnt a lot about my unruly locks and what actually works for them. While I’ve discovered new treatments and visited the salon for regular trims, I’ve not managed to kick the habit of daily heat use – my main frenemy in the quest to defy damage.

As a long-time colour addict, it’s time to be a little kinder to my lengths and ends in the new year by starting with the woman in the mirror, and asking her to change her (straightening) ways. My beloved styling irons, it’s been fun… but I think we’re better off as friends. From now on, I vow to style up a storm without using heat – braids, buns and beautiful hair accessories shall be my new BFFs! – Kelsey, digital assistant

High and dry

My name is Eve and I’m addicted to washing my hair. There, I said it. I know it’s bad for my fine, bleached tresses but I just don’t feel right if I don’t shampoo and condition every day. When I admit my squeaky-clean secret to people who work in hairdressing, they’re horrified. “It’s so bad for your hair,” they say, visibly outraged on behalf of my head, or “why don’t you use dry shampoo between washes?!”

In the last year I have started to notice a change in the thickness of my locks and the amount of split ends I get. I’ve tried using serums, masks and less heat, but nothing makes a difference. So I’ve admitted defeat and decided to kick the habit.  I’m going to start slowly and begin by washing my hair every other day. I’ve invested in some Evo Water Killer Dry Shampoo (which is the best I’ve ever used) and will attempt to actually style my second day locks instead of shoving it up into a ponytail. Watch this (less washed) space… – Eve, staff writer

The Marie Kondo of hair

Earlier this year I downsized my apartment, saying goodbye to piles of books, DVDs and clothes that I no longer had space for in my life, let alone my new flat. While many people find it hard to part with the material things, I found it incredibly liberating and love my new clutter-free lifestyle. Which got me thinking – why don’t I adopt this approach to my hair?

In 2020 I want to invest in a collection of hair products that really work for me – preferably with an eco-friendly slant – and cultivate a low-fuss regime. Not only will my bathroom shelves be neater than ever, I’ll also waste less and my hair will enjoy a bit of freedom from being laden with too many products. So, in the wise words of fellow designer and architect Mies Van Der Rohe, my motto for 2020 is “Less is more”. – Eva, digital designer

Take my time

Forget flying, see you later super strength – there’s no superpower that I’d like more than to control time. But sadly until I can, I’ve got to make do with the mortal limits of 24 hours in a day. All too often my hair bears the brunt of these pressures, and I find myself scrubbing it clean with a little too much vigour, rinsing off masks before they’ve had time to work their magic, tugging through knots too aggressively and blasting hair dry on a high heat before dashing out of the house.

In 2020 I resolve to get out of bed just 10 minutes earlier and really take care of my hair – let my treatments soak in properly, gently untangle knots and create some new good habits. Call it self-care or call it good old common sense – there’s really no excuse and I’m sure my poor, tired hair will thank me for it! – Anna, staff writer

Knot this time

Listen, I failed miserably with my 2019 hair resolution, so I’m approaching this with a ‘glass-half-empty’ attitude if I’m honest. But in 2020, I’m going to limit my top knot wears to one a week. Because I try to wash my hair no more than twice a week (it’s coloured and the ends are growing out bleach), all too often I quickly pull up a top knot to make my daily deadline of 7.20am out of the door. But at one appointment, the stylist pointed out how the underneath of my hair was breaking because of the stress my regular top knot habit was wreaking on my lengths. So I’m going to practice plaits, sample some chignons and experiment with an under-ear bun (ponytails always look a bit insipid on me) on those days where I just can’t wear my hair down. – Amanda, editor

Conditioner, how I’ve misjudged you…

My hair has changed a lot over the last year. I’ve gone from being a colour virgin to sporting a full head of highlights, not to mention a quick dip into pink. As such, my hair routine has had to change in a BIG way. I used to skip conditioner frequently, trusting a leave-in spray to give me enough care for my greasy roots and fine hair. What a turnaround – the texture of my hair has changed completely, and I’m now desperately trying every product that delivers some sort of hydration to tame my locks.

This year I want to get a new colour-caring routine sorted. I’m talking a weekly mask, serums, as many conditioners that I can get my hands on. No more blow’n’go lacklustre conditioning, I’m determined to keep any coarse texture in check. – Deborah, staff writer