Contouring for your hair. We try it out.

You’ve heard of contouring your face, but what about contouring your hair? We sent Vera to try out Schwarzkopf’s new hair colour service that promises to enhance your features.

Name of treatment: Schwarzkopf IGORA Royal Nude Tones

Name of salon: Mahogany, Mayfair

Booked in with: Tai and Alexis

What they say: “Schwarzkopf Professional have created six delicately earthy, powdery shades that illuminate natural beauty with an air of unpolished style. With seamless, multi-tonal colour grading and delicately placed hues, this new colour range will highlight and contour your face, illuminating your look for a naturally elegant and sophisticated result.”

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What Vera says: The treatment is a new way of placing strategic highlights through your hair to bring out your features. I sat down and my colourist, Tai spoke to me about what tone of colour I would like my hair to be. I told him I would like it a bit darker then it was. Tai told me that he would use three different nude shades and place them in strategic places in my hair to elongate my face – apparently I have a square face that needed elongating haha!

Then, Alexis – who would be cutting  my hair – came and talked to me. The cut in just as important as the colour in this process as it can help accentuate the contouring even more. We decided to cut my hair shorter so it would shape my face nicely and he was brilliant at explaining to me why he thought certain ways of cutting the hair would be better than others.

My hair was washed, cut and then Tai came in and worked on my colour contouring. Different shades were placed all over my hair, making very thin high and low lights. I waited for the colour to process and then I had another wash.

After that, Alexis came back to do the finishing touches and blow-dry my hair. The whole thing took about 3 hours.

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Results: Obviously my hair looked really fresh and had a beautiful shine to it. The colour definitely brought out my features but  what I really loved was how subtle the effect is. I was worried that the colour placement would look obvious and overly exaggerated, like facial contouring can sometimes look, but it all blended together seamlessly.

Aftercare: There was not much after care advice, but I bought the Moroccanoil Light Oil that they used and I really like it.

The bottom line: I’d definitely have the treatment again!

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