Goodbye, Greasy Hair!

Contrary to popular belief, grease is not the word. Oily roots and lank locks can quite frankly do one. Here are the must-have products and tips you need in your corner…

Choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair

Philip Kingsley consultant trichologist, Anabel Kingsley, says: “It’s essential to select your shampoo and conditioner carefully. You have to know your hair type. If your hair is dry and fine, or dry and medium textured, do not swap out your regular shampoo and conditioner for overly heavy ones. This is likely to make your strands look oily and flat. You need to address dryness and brittleness with an intensive pre-shampoo conditioner, as these are left on the hair for long enough to penetrate, with any excess residue then being washed away, they add intensive moisture without weighing the hair down.”

Avoid washing your hair every day 

It’s an age old argument – how often should we be washing our hair? The answer is different depending on your hair type but most hairdressers will agree that every day isn’t great for your hair or scalp. “If you normally wash your hair every day, it will take time to adjust,” says Blue Tit stylist, Rumer Clifton. “However, once you and your hair settle into it, you will notice a dramatic difference by not washing it every day.”

Why do some people just suddenly get greasy hair?

“Whenever hormone levels change, scalp secretions can change too,” says Anabel. “The scalp usually becomes oilier during puberty, in times of intense stress and also during ovulation. Medical conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome can also cause an overly oily scalp. After menopause, sebaceous glands on the scalp tend to produce less sebum.”

Conditioner – only the ends need it!

“Conditioners should only go on the ends of your hair,” says Rumer. “If you’re finding you run out faster than shampoo, you’re using too much.” If you’re using this type of product to detangle your locks, Rumer suggests using a wide-toothed comb instead. “Those of us with dry or coloured hair can fall into the trap of applying it all over in order to get rid of knots. But the higher you apply it, the faster your hair will become greasy.” Layered loves Tangle Teezer’s The Original Detangling Hair Brush, £11.

Invest in some dry shampoo

What did we do before dry shampoo? Seriously? Since launching many moons ago, the dry shampoo formula has been tweaked, tested, adjusted and finessed. However, not all are made equally. Layered loves Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo, £24, because it is light, fragrant and makes a ‘pfft pfft’ sound when you squeeze it. Puff into your roots to absorb excess oil and leave your locks looking and feeling fabulous. Another essential is evo Water Killer, £21 – it’s legit a miracle in a bottle. Spritz at the roots (not just at the top) to absorb excess oil and replace with volume and texture. The original is best for blonde and lighter-haired babes, while the brunette option contains a pigment that blends with dark/brunette tones and helps provide grey coverage.