Girls allowed – the barber shops where women are welcome

Not every girl wants flowing Gigi Hadid lengths – there are plenty of women, like Strictly’s Karen Clifton, who want something a bit more edgy, cool, short… and want it with a masculine edge. Want to get your Ruby Rose on? Then try these UK barber shops on for size, where women are welcome too!

You can’t help but notice just how many cool barbers have sprung up across the UK… and with the likes of Katy Perry, Ruby Rose and Kristen Stewart opting for seriously short chops, sometimes it’s a barber’s unique skillset that can give you the fabulous fade you crave. But some barbers see themselves purely as gents-only, and even celebrity dancer Karen Clifton shared that she was barred from a barbers in Wimbledon after requesting a fade. So, if you need some suggestions for a scissor-over-comb sensations, then ladies you’ll be welcome at the following barber shops…

Rebel Finnieston, Glasgow
This is the newest venture of Glasgow barbering brand Rebel Rebel, and can be found on Finnieston’s highly desirable Argyle Street (it recently topped a Sunday Times list as the ‘hippest place in Britain’). A log burning fire and giant sofas allow customers to comfortably relax with speciality brew by Glasgow’s Avenue Coffee company. Here you’ll get traditional barbershop services reimagined and given a contemporary twist, while colour treatments are available in a mind-boggling array of shades for both men and women. The opening of Rebel Finnieston saw a growing following of females who don’t mind coming into a once male only dominated business, something manager and Master Barber, Gemma Willock-Smith, attributes to the location, the products they use, and their female customers looking for hairstyles with a fashion forward edge.

Braid Barbers, Banbury, Milton Keynes, Leamington Spa
Robert Braid, the founder of Braid Barbers, is more than happy to have women in his shops – he’s even included female models in his seasonal photographic imagery. “Braid Barbers is a hairdressing environment alongside a very busy barber area catering for both sexes, and we don’t discrimination against either sex using either service,” explains Robert. “It’s a commonly unwelcome scenario for women to be turned away from a barbering establishment, even though they are asking for the same services. We welcome women to visit us and feel relaxed in a non-judgmental environment, and male customers are unfazed by who is sitting in the chair next to them. Our female clients are usually very edgy and confident individuals, following fashion and culture, so are more than happy to sit in the chair and have a style that could be completely out of the box with both feminine and masculine attributes.”

House Martin, Glasgow
This barber shop might look traditional, with its heavy wood interiors, but it serves a damn fine cup of coffee, and offers a warm welcome to EVERYONE through the door, which include a fair few women. “We like people to know that House Martin is a safe space and we have taken classes to let trans and gender-neutral customers know that this is a comfortable atmosphere where they also get the haircut they are looking for,” explains Stephen Martin. “Our barber Gabe identifies as non-binary, and has always had gender neutral hairstyles – a lot of credit should go to Gabe, who has raised our awareness of this community.”

Ruffians, Edinburgh and London
With three locations in London and the original site in Edinburgh, Ruffians has been at the forefront of the men’s grooming boom over the past five years, winning plenty of awards to boot. You’ll find female barbers inside the doors if you want the female finish to your short, back and sides, and it’s a thoroughly warm welcome every time you enter (they have Ruffians-branded beer, a vacuum to suck up those pesky hairs on the back of your neck, and bottles of water with caps and straws, so no stray hairs end up in your beverage).