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Create soft, gentle movement in the hair and add an element of modernity with adornment this season. Keep it simple and don’t be too precise when positioning accessories.
What you’ll need: ghd V gold amber sunrise styler

The trend: Adornment

Step one
Using separated fingers, ‘rake’ the hair to the opposite side of your parting. Avoiding a brush will keep the undone texture; this is key and will maintain the volume! Flip the hair to the opposite side to create a deep side parting. Using an elastic, tie the hair in a low side ponytail.

Step two
Split the ponytail and braid into three plaits.

Step three
Gently, press the ghd V gold styler over the braids to seal in the style with the help of the heat.

Step four
Undo the braid and release to reveal a soft, modern texture.

Step five
Tie a piece of elastic around two inches lower from the original ponytail and cut off the excess (available at any haberdashers). Repeat this down the ponytail until you reach the end.

Step six
Starting at the top, loosen the pom poms into round textured balls. TIP!  Doing a small stretch on each one in turn will be better than working one by one. Finish with coloured elastic or a tassled band to showcase your individuality and add a pop of colour!

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