Get Sam in your bathroom!

He’s an image-maker, a trend setter and now Creative HEAD’s Most Wanted Hair Icon of 2017 – and you can take home his style magic with his Hair by Sam McKnight haircare collection

Sam has more than four decades of experience in styling the hair of some of the most well-known faces on the planet (Kate Moss, Princess Diana and Lady Gaga are the first that spring to mind) and has more than 190 Vogue covers and a Somerset House exhibition under his belt. Love Kate Moss’s insouciant spirit and even more laid-back-yet-why-can’t-we-achieve-it hair? That’s down to Sam! His unmatched expertise in creating everyday envy-inducing hair styles shows in the four hair products he’s created that perfectly sum up what every girl wants to achieve: gorgeous zero-effort hair. And did we mention the fragrance? The aromas of each product is based on Sam’s garden (see @SamMcKnight1). One spray and you can say you’ve been styled by hair icon Sam!

Cool Girl

This is what you need for those laid-back, Kate Moss wannabe, tousled tresses. The tousling spray creates long-lasting depth, dimension and guarantees fresh-out-of-bed style (but not bed head), thanks to its barely there formula. Sam says: “Cool Girl gives you the hair that everyone wants. It’s rock ‘n’ roll and sexy. The trick to Cool Girl hair is making it look like you haven’t even tried.”

RRP: £25
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Lazy Girl

A dressing table essential, Hair by Sam McNight's Lazy Girl is a dry shampoo that does so much more than simply prolong the need to wash your hair. This ultra-light powder mist is perfect for those lazy or jam-packed days, but it also creates volume and hold, becoming a styling essential in its own right. Sam says: "Lazy Girl is my ultimate dry shampoo and styling product. Perfect for those lazy days in between washes, but it also gives you volume and hold.” 

RRP: £19
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Modern Hairspray

The need for 80s power hold hairsprays is over (thankfully) and Hair by Sam McKnight's Modern Hairspray is the updated version every woman will love. Why? It’s a brushable formula, but with a firm hold – perfect should you make a styling mistake and need a do-over. Use it for curling, setting or straightening for a look that lasts for as long as you want it to. Sam says: "Modern Hairspray is a fine yet effective hairspray and its brushable formula allows for mistakes." 

RRP: £22
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Easy-Up Do

Got a fancy do coming up and need an even fancier hair do? Easy-Up Do will help you out, offering enough grip, body and hold to rival 20 hair pins. So whether you’re looking to create a braid, bun or even a chignon, Hair by Sam McKnight's Easy-Up Do is a must-have when creating that base. Sam says: "I describe it as ‘hair grips in a can’ product, because it creates that nonchalant yet glamorous up-do that all girls want." 

RRP: £25
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