Get ready for the new wave – introducing 2019’s top hair trend

A sharp cut. A dramatic centre parting. And some seriously sculpted movement

Desmond Murray

What do you get if you mix classic, old-Hollywood glam with 21st century edge? A blunt, blonde bob with deep, deep waves, courtesy of Desmond Murray. In fact, Desmond’s fresh take on the chin-length cut is so of the moment, it’s just been voted 2019 Hair Trend at this year’s Most Wanted Awards, hosted by our sister magazine Creative HEAD!

Why is it the hottest look of the year?

Glass hair has had its time, but the return of the bob is only just beginning. This look builds on the ’90s references that have dominated beauty over the past 18 months – including the 2018 Hair Trend-winning look – but adds a new twist, embracing body and exaggerated movement. Instead of hanging limp and lifeless, the set S-waves look sumptuous and expensive, framing the face and adding new dimension to the familiar bob shape.

Sleek, flat-ironed shine is replaced by natural radiance, soft textured ends and pared-back use of product – this look is all about controlled curves and a healthy-looking finish rather than artifical kinks locked into place.

To get the look, try using ghd’s new oracle styler to create loose curls, then brush them out into waves and add a blast of texturiser at the roots and ends. Alternatively, you can create waves using a straightener – just be sure to begin by lifting hair away from the scalp and curling under to get the height at the crown.