Help! This is a fringe FAIL!

We’ve all been there – ‘a fringe will look AWESOME!’ you chirrup to your pals, ‘what could possibly go wrong?’ You think you’ll look like Zooey Deschanel at her 500 Days of Summer best. Or perhaps you’re thinking it’s the cheaper alternative to that first vial of Botox? Whatever the reason, IT’S BANGS, BABY!

But then, the reality for some is cold and harsh and unflinching – on your forehead, it’s an #EpicFringeFail.

So, let’s get practical – how do we cope while the offending fringe is growing out?

We asked stylists from salons across the UK for their tips…

First, look at your hairline

Matthew Curtis from Matthew Curtis Hair, suggests looking at your hairline so know what will work best as you grow. “For those with a high hairline, it’s best to opt for a soft, side-sweeping fringe,” he says. “Parting your hair in the centre as your fringe grows out will only create a focal point of your forehead which isn’t advisable if it’s from here you’re trying to detract attention.” For those with lower hairlines, a “longer, grown out fringe provides the perfect opportunity to try a centre part, which can also help to elongate the face.”

Or embrace dry shampoo

“Not only does dry shampoo keep your hair grease-free, it also adds texture and hold,” says Hayley Gibson-Forbes, co-director of SJFORBES salons, “which is exactly what you want when you’re growing out a fringe.”

Go sideways… and sparkly!

“Part your hair at the side and wear it as a side-fringe; this is a really easy way to grow the fringe out over the course of however many months it will take, and it will look deliberate and stylish,” says celebrity stylist Jason Collier, based at Kitch Hair in Islington. “You can also use the trend for embellished hair to your advantage, and use glitzy slides and barrettes to push the fringe back off of your face.” We would like to suggest rocking a barrette a la Margot Tenenbaum (pictured, left), but that might be just us…

Get a trim

“It may seem a little counter-productive to suggest a trim when you are trying to grow out your fringe,” says Hayley Gibson-Forbes, “but having the chop regularly is not only a good way to keep your hair healthy, it helps blend your fringe into the rest of your hair far more easily.” The secret is just have weight removed, rather than having length taken off. “Get a trim every six weeks to maintain the health of the hair and ensure the ends don’t split,” adds Rachel Valentine at seanhanna salons.

Hair by Francesco Group

When it gets heavy, go hippy, man

“It all depends on the thickness and circumference – there’s a point where it works being heavy and when it becomes cheekbone length,” says Darren Ambrose from D&J Ambrose in Pinner. “Everyone knows that the centre parting is having a major moment. Wear it Woodstock-style for a ‘70s inspired look!”

V for Victory

“When trying to grow a fringe out to balance with rest of your hair, cut an inverted V to the middle of your fringe to create a softer shape,” advises Jack Merrick-Thirlway from Neville Hair & Beauty in Knightsbridge. This technique is advocated by Alexa Chung, and salon owner Matthew Curtis has “lost count of the number of times I get asked for a fringe like hers!”


When it’s pretty long… grab a razor! (Well, ask your stylist to…)

“When it gets a little bit longer, blend it in with the longer length by flat blading the mid lengths to ends with a razor,” says Darren Ambrose. “This will keep the length but soften the edge of a growing out blunt fringe making a slightly more seamless blend.”

Hair by Joshua Goldsworthy

Braid it back

“When your fringe is long enough, wear a scalp plait at the front,” advises Anne Veck from Anne Veck salons in Oxford. “It’s quirky and keeps your hair out of your eyes.” 

Do the twist

“Twist the fringe backwards and secure with a bobby pin,” suggests Lloyd Court, colour director at seanhanna salons. You could also try bandanas and hair bands to pull the hair totally off your face, but if you’re doing that, go strong with your eyebrows for maximum drama.

Keep it clean

“Some people need to wash their fringe every day, so it sits better as it grows out,” admits MAYFIVE owner Katie Allan. “This is normal! You can just tie up the rest of your hair and pop your fringe under the tap with a little bit of shampoo to keep it looking fresh.”


Instagram: @selenagomez

Get wet

“On a night out, try a sleek wet-look pulled away from the face,” suggests Rachel Valentine. Apply L’Oréal Tecni.ART Extreme Splash to the roots, using a comb to slick the hair away from your face. Work in sections towards the hairline, leaving the hair at the back gel-free to it falls naturally.”


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