Forever in Blue Jeans

Favourite jeans? Check. Denim jacket? Check. Faded strips of Levi’s 501s tied up in your hair? Hell yes…

Do you live in jeans? That worn-in, faded pair you trust and chuck on and dress up or down, depending on your mood? Well, maybe that old faithful feeling can work for your hair too.

Zoë Irwin, creative director at John Frieda Salons and well known around these parts for her clever menu ideas, has now launched the Bow Down Styling. It’s inspired by chic Parisian street style combined with pretty, carefree hair – but the key element is using pieces of vintage Levi’s 501s, tied into hair for that nonchalant vibe we’re always after but so rarely nail. 

Torn, sewn together and frayed, these denim pieces are wrapped within a top knot, pony or pulled into a bow loosely with hair half-up/half down – perfect for causal daytime or even party chic. 

Zoë started playing around with the idea after noticing her clients’ love of double denim and frayed edges. “Denim works so beautifully with animal print, which has to be one of the biggest trends of the year,” she adds. “It felt like a fresh take on denim to be worn in hair! I‘d never seen it used in this way and so I played with really fraying the edges and with different tones of denim.” 

Instagram: @zoeirwinhair

And like a good recycler, Zoë opts for vintage 501s that are really worn and buttery soft, making all the pieces herself. “I slice into strips and fray, then sew then together into really long strips to be made into bows.”

And thanks to Zoë’s Instagram, clients are asking for the look, which she adds into a blow dry service. “It looks amazing with jeans and a total denim look but so many are wearing it with print options,” she says. “I love to give the pieces to the salon team and see how they wear them, too. Denim is so personal and this should be the same…”

Wanna get personal with Zoë and some vintage Levi’s 501s? The Bow Down Styling Session is available to book at John Frieda Salons now, priced from £35