Food (colours) for thought

Talk about tasty! We’ve seen a whole raft of food-inspired shades cropping up, and frankly it’s got our mouths watering…


A new season means new colour trends. As we slide into autumn we’ve seen a real hike in food and drink-inspired shades, ranging from the natural to the magical. Either way, we’ve got a real appetite for new colour. What’s on the menu? We’re ready to order…

Toasted Coconut

Pushing sunkissed bronde shades aside for autumn, this vivid blend of darker roots and icy ends mimics the contrasting colours of toasted coconut shavings. Ideal for brunettes who don’t want to worry about root growth, this look is all about colour melting and getting your hands on the iciest toner you can.

Images: @kayluhskolors

Cold Brew Coffee

Who says blondes have more fun? Play with highlights and lowlights without straying too blonde to mimic the play of light through a glass of cold brew coffee. This should be more subtle than highlights placed near the roots, with colour focused on the mid-lengths and ends.

 Images: @antonioprietosalon, @tauni901


Perfect for Potterheads, this rich amber hue is a more wearable version of the neons and yellows that we’ve seen over summer, particularly in celebrity wigs. As the weather cools we’re seeing colours deepen to almost mimic the colour of the leaves, running the gamut from deep caramel to a vivid golden colour. Certainly not one for the wallflowers of the world!

Images: @babyliss_belgium, @hairsthebling


Moving on from the familiar sweet pinks and pastel shades we’ve been seeing, for autumn we’re looking at a booming blackberry season. Deep purples are a fun way to play with colour for those who don’t want to go lighter. From deepest dark with a violet sheen to a subtle colour-shifting gloss, this tasty colour comes in a number of guises.

Images: @linuslee.lcj, Pinterest

Red Velvet

Somewhere between chocolate and scarlet lies the perfect Red Velvet blend. This colour needs to be built with several shades to avoid an all-over hue which would lose any definition. Like Blackberry, this is all about the blend of tones to create an almost iridescent effect.

Images: @linuslee.lcj , @hairbyemilyo