5 ways to sort static hair

Static hair is one of those things that doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does we have absolutely no idea how it’s happened – unless we’ve spent the afternoon rubbing it against a balloon (which doesn’t happen that often) – or how to solve it. As walking round looking like you’ve electrocuted yourself isn’t the hottest look right now, we thought we better find out so we asked Matthew Curtis to gives us his top tips on how to sort that static.

Static hair

1 Style away the static

 “Heat defence sprays will help add weight and the heavier the hair, the less likely static will occur. Blow-dry it in with an ionic hairdryer if possible. Ionic hairdryers neutralise the electric charge that creates static and will also prevent it transferring from your body and hands into your hair.”

2 Brush it better 

 “A natural boar bristle brush or an ionic one, will help reduce static as not only do they help with the electric charge again but they also spread the scalp’s natural oils along the hair shaft to moisturise the hair hair and create a barrier.”

3 Good old hairspray

 “If your hair is dry and suddenly goes static then grab a can of hairspray, finishing spray, shine spray….whatever you can find and spray it onto a soft bristle brush and gently brush it through the hair. This will evenly distribute the product so that it can literally flatten and tame static hairs.”

Look to your tumble dryer (yep, you read that right) 

 “Sounds a bit weird but if you’re really struggling, grab a tumble dryer sheet and wipe it over the hair from the roots to the tips. It really does calm the hair down. However, I would say that if you’ve prepped your hair correctly when it’s wet you shouldn’t get static hair.”

5 Humidifier hero

 “If you have a humidifier in your home, turn it up slightly. The extra moisture in the air, and your hair, will prevent hair drying out too much and you’ll find you get less static.”