Five star holiday hair styling… at home

Give your summer hair a glow-up with two top looks from hairstylist to the stars, Neil Moodie

Image: Neil Moodie

Summer is officially here, and with it comes some new styling challenges as temperatures amp. In between battling humidity and unexpected downpours, it can be hard to keep your locks looking lush in the sun. Luckily, we know an award-winning hairstylist who knows how to create the best holiday hair, even if you’re staying in Blighty.

With 50 Vogue covers and a career spent styling some of the biggest celebrities in the world, Neil Moodie knows best when it comes to on-trend styling tips. So, get your hairspray at the ready as Neil shares how to achieve two vacation-inspired looks that can work on holiday and at home…

Healthy hair-up

Putting your hair up when it’s freshly washed and towel dried is pretty standard on holiday, but have you tried doing it with conditioner and oils in your hair too? As well as being nourishing, the duo also doubles up as styling products. The ‘healthy hair up’ is not only easy to achieve, but is also great for improving the condition of your hair.

healthy hair up look from Neil Moodie
Image: Neil Moodie
healthy hair up style from Neil Moodie
Image: Neil Moodie

Start by applying your favourite conditioner throughout your lengths and ends, then layer with some Biolage exquisite oil. Next, part your hair down the middle. Then, using a comb, pull all your hair back into a ponytail around the middle of the back of the head. Secure the ponytail with an elastic hair band.

Next, take the ponytail hair and twist quite tight, taking the twisted hair upwards and then around to create a doughnut shape, but leaving the ends hanging down. Using a few pins, secure the doughnut. Next, take a hair accessory or decorative crocodile clip and secure the hair hanging down below the base of the doughnut. Neil used a London Get a Grip metal hair slide. If there are any flyaways, add a little more conditioner.

Colourful head wrap

A coloured head wrap is the perfect multi-use accessory for the summer holidays. An alternative wear one, this option from Neil will protect strands from harmful rays and also looks great. It’s such a chic look for a barbecue or garden party.

Braided head wrap hair style by Neil Moodie
Image: Neil Moodie
Braided head wrap style by Neil Moodie
Image: Neil Moodie

Being with either towel-dried or completely dry hair, then part your hair down the middle from forehead to nape. Starting just behind each ear, add some Biolage Exquisite Oil to your hair and braid your hair on each side in a Dutch or French braid all the way to the ends. Then, secure the braid with an elastic hair band (this can match your hair, or you can add a pop of colour!)

 Next, take a square piece of fabric and fold one of the top corners down, but not in half. Grab the wider part of the fabric and place that in the nape of your neck, so you have two corners coming out either side. Place the rest of the fabric over your head towards the forehead, with one corner hanging forward

Finally, take the two side corners and wrap around to the front. Tie in a knot, with the front corner underneath the knot. Tuck any loose ends into the knot and there you have it! As an extra, Neil suggests adding accessories to the ends of your braids, or attach to the head wrap.

To help combat the sun’s rays, Neil also recommends using the Biolage HydraSource Deep Treatment Pack. Infused with hydrating aloe vera, this will nourish dry hair after a day in the sun. Apply for up to 20 minutes after shampooing, depending on how dry your hair has become. Formulated with UVA/UVB filters derived from wintergreen and cinnamon bark oils, the Aveda Suncare Protective Hair Veil will help protect hair from sun damage.

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