At-home colour with an ‘Olaplex-style’ boost has arrived!

Schwarzkopf Color Expert with OmegaplexUnless you’ve been hiding in a hole for the last year you must have stumbled across in-salon colour additives, Olaplex being the one that started it all.

If you have been hiding in a hole then well done for getting out and lets give you a quick run-down of what you’ve missed. Colour additives are clever, magical potions (well, not quite but you get where we’re going with this) that are either added to your professional colour or applied at the backwash. They contain all kinds of whizz-bang science that basically mean your hair doesn’t get wrecked or ravaged by your colour, in fact it can make your hair healthier, all without compromising the colour effect you’re gunning for.

As well as Olaplex, there are now other varieties flooding salons, such as Smartbond, pH-Bonder, ColourpHlex…they’re all out there, and doing a spanking good job.

So we’re very excited that to hear that the same technology is coming to at-home colour. Wahoo! And Schwarzkopf are the ones leading the way with their Color Expert with Omegaplex, £6.79.

Just like in-salon versions, Schwarzkopf’s Omegaplex works on keeping the bonds inside the hair together as you colour, making the structure of your hair stronger.

There are 15 shades available spanning black, brunette, blonde and even Deep Amethyst and Intense Red.

In terms of the colouring process there is only one additional step required, adding the anti-breakage serum (that’s the little clear foiled package you can spy in the picture above) into the applicator bottle along with the colour cream. You give that all a good shake and apply it as you would any other at-home colour. Leave to develop, rinse, shampoo, apply the colour repair sealer conditioner. Et voila! There is then a repair reviver treatment included that can be used three weeks after as an extra bonding boost before you need to do the whole process again.

And don’t worry, we’re not just going to leave it there. We’ve got some Layered testers giving this game-changer a go as we type so will report back with their findings ASAP.