Ditch the frizz with our essential guide to hair plopping

Curls out of control during lockdown? Hair Plopping is the need-to-know technique to fight frizz – here’s why…

With more time than ever spent at home, it’s no wonder many of us have spent hours scrolling through TikTok for hair tips to keep our tresses in top condition. In 2020, more than 10 million videos were uploaded to the app showing a need-to-know curly hair magic trick called ‘plopping.’

Now, with lockdown 3.0 underway, it’s unsurprising that those with natural curls are on the quest to fight the frizz. So, we spoke to Elinor Davies-Farn, founder of curly hair brand Olew, to find out more about the biggest beauty trend of 2021 so far.

Why plop your hair?

Hair plopping is a technique which involves drying the hair in a gentle way, so the curl pattern isn’t disrupted and frizzed is reduced. “Hair Plopping is the insider secret to perfectly defined, frizz-free curls. When you master the technique there is no going back. It’s the way to every curly-haired girl dream curls,” explains Elinor.


How to plop your hair

  • Shampoo and condition hair with Olew Cleansing Shampoo and Clarifying Conditioner. Make sure your hair is dripping wet, then apply Olew Original Hair Oil all over. Next, use a dime-sized amount Olew Curl Cream to nourish and define the curls. 
  • Use a long sleeve cotton T-shirt and gently scrunch curls in an upward motion. You will hear a gratifying ‘squelch’ while doing it. 
  • Then place your long sleeve T-shirt out flat on a surface. Bend your head over, allowing your wet hair to cascade forward. Tilt your head so that the ends of your locks go towards the centre of the T-shirt. 
  • Start the wrapping by taking the two corners of the T-shirt, wrapping them around the nape of your neck. Take the neckline of the T-shirt and pull it over your hair. Your hair should now be cupped inside the T-shirt and the arms should be free. Now, grab one arm with each hand, stand up straight, bring both T-shirt arms up and tie them together in a knot.  
  • Depending on the texture and length of your hair, it should take between 10-20 minutes for excess water to absorb. If your hair isn’t completely dry, you can either let the air do its thing after, or grab a hair dryer.

Don’t worry if it takes you a few times to perfect it, you will be a TikTok pro with beautifully defined, gorgeous curls in no time. 

Our top picks for plopping

Olew cleansing shampoo and clarifying conditioner

Olew Cleansing Shampoo and Clarifying Conditioner

This must-have duo naturally moisturises, nourishes and cleanses the scalp and helps boost thost curly roots. The conditioner also works to detangle and add shine to keeps those curls thriving.

ghd helios with diffuser

ghd helios with ghd professional hair dryer diffuser

Though optional, using a hair dryer with a diffuser is a great final step to  to give you perfectly formed curls and waves as you blow-dry.

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