Dita Von Teese’s hairdresser shares her vintage hair tips

Delve into the treasure trove of inspiration and tips that have made Sarah Wood an expert in vintage hair styling…

Fashion is fickle – it spends equal time looking backwards as forwards. Many of the most cutting edge trends actually take their inspiration from days gone by; we often see elements of finger waves and classic styles appearing on the red carpet and catwalks.

Sarah Wood, of Necia’s Hairstyling, has made her name by creating hairstyles and wigs that are not only gorgeous, but also use traditional techniques to create old school styles. Her skills have been noticed by the ultimate retro queen, Dita Von Teese, who Sarah has worked with, creating her iconic dark curls.

“My inspiration for hairstyling and wig styling ranges from 1800s to early 1960s. I keep my wig styling as authentic as possible,” explains Sarah. “My personal favourite era is the 1940s and the Hollywood Rita Hayworth effect – those waves, pageboys and the perfect bounce!”

Want to a slice of that of that old fashioned beauty for yourself? Read Sarah’s top tips for vintage styling – then take a look at her moodboard below! It’s time to jump in the time machine…

  • Always keep brushing, don’t be afraid!
  • A good set is key
  • Hairnets are underrated – at night they can keep hair prefect
  • A good set can last up to seven days – by day four you can shape it into a poodle and put a hairnet on it
  • Using your hands to mould the hair is also important

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