Crushin’ it – why Jennifer Aniston is officially the biggest hair crush

We’ve been crushing on countless celebs over the years for their gorgeous manes, but now someone has been officially crowned queen. Naturally, it’s someone who had a whole style named after them. It could only be Jennifer Aniston…

It may have been nearly three decades since she first burst into our collective consciousness with The Rachel, but it seems only right that Jennifer Aniston has been named the biggest ‘hair crush’. A poll of 2,000 women saw her evergreen honey-blonde layered look come top above other iconic celeb ‘dos.

The Duchess of Cambridge came in second, thanks to her perfectly polished and glossy locks, followed by Our Girl star Michelle Keegan’s bouncy, voluminous style.

Jennifer hasn’t varied her hair look much over the years; like a great pair of jeans, her hair just works, no matter which character she’s playing. The layered look suits her face shape, while the honeyed hue perfectly complements her complexion.

Here are the top 10 celebs with enviable hair from the survey:

  1. Jennifer Aniston
  2. Duchess of Cambridge
  3. Michelle Keegan
  4. Duchess of Sussex
  5. Julia Roberts
  6. Beyoncé
  7. Ariana Grande
  8. Taylor Swift
  9. Jennifer Lopez
  10. Shakira

The study, conducted by Vitabiotics Perfectil Gummies, also uncovered that more than 40 per cent of the women quizzed take celebrity pics in with them to the salon for inspiration. Unsurprising really, as Jen isn’t our only Hair Crush either – you can find our other objects of affection HERE.