Festival FOMO? We’ve got the best bit – the hair!

Sunglasses? Check! Denim cut-offs? Check! Hot hairstyle that will…

a) make your friends jealous
b) be Insta-worthy and
c) actually last

No? We’ve got you sorted…

Hershesons (the blow-dry bar that came before all other blow-dry bars) has revamped its styling menu with 12 different-but-all-achingly-cool looks to choose from that are perfect for Glastonbury. And even if you can’t score a ticket, these styles will look great no matter what you’re doing, be it Saturday shopping, chilling with your friends or at a festival a little nearer to home.

Here are our favourites from the menu
– picked by us for their effortless vibe…

Twisted Sista

Is it a fishtail plait? Is it a bun? It’s… a bit of both. Two fishtail braids are twisted to create two kooky low knots. All other buns will look boring next to this.

Side stitch

Stitching, embellishments, accessories – basically if it can go on your clothes, it can go on your hair! A needle and thread is used to sew ribbon through the double braided side rows, instantly injecting a hint of toughness into your heavenly hairstyle.

The new menu has launched nationwide at Selfridges London, Topshop Oxford Street, One New Change, Harvey Nichols Beauty Lounge and Selfridges Birmingham. £30 per blow-dry including a hair wash.