Clip Yourself In

Thought your days of childhood hair accessories were over? Think again. The humble hair clip has been given an adult makeover – the Layered team puts this season’s hottest trend to the test… 

L-R: @justinemarjan, @alexbrownsell, @oscardelarenta

Once exclusive to the coolest kids in the playground, the ultimate nineties accessory is making a comeback this season. Spotted on the catwalks of Chanel, Ashley Williams and Oscar de la Renta during the A/W19 shows, it didn’t take long for the trend to transcend to the streets, with influencers like Liv Purvis, Aimee Song and Suzie Bonaldi all wanting a slice of the action. 

From pearl snap clips to statement slogans using words like “glow” and “queen”, barrettes are fast becoming a quick and easy way to complete any look. Typically worn just on one side with hair down, it’s certainly a low-commitment trend to try, and we’re all for looking effortlessly cool. 

Sounds great, right? But before you throw out your favourite scunchie, find out what happened when the Layered team joined the fashion pack, as we put the barrette through its paces… 


Deborah  – Effortlessly Chic

Making a not-exactly-speedy start to my 2019 hair resolution, this trend couldn’t have come at a better time. I used to try and wear bejewelled hair grips and barrettes all the time as an early teen – moving on from my primary school headband obsession – but inevitably watched them miserably slide out of my thin, ultra-straight hair within the hour.

Thankfully I’m older and wiser now, and put the necessary prep into my hair beforehand. With my freshly dyed locks twisted into rope plaits overnight, I had the requisite texture needed to provide some actual grip. As ever, I took the easy option – my clip, while large, was quite minimalist and actually blended in well to my balayaged mid-lengths.

I like to have my hair pulled back off my face, especially at work, so I took the shorter front sections and twisted them slightly at the back to be gripped in place. I was reminded how little hair you can actually fit in a barrette without it refusing to close, but a couple of quick adjustments was all I needed to have it snapping shut. Quick, (mostly) effortless, and I suddenly looked rather chic, if I do say so myself. I’m not sure how much it would suit sitting on the side of my head like Kelsey’s, but I can absolutely picture myself throwing this in to add a bit of interest to low ponytails and tall topknots.

Kelsey – the Bolder, the Better

Ever since that Gucci hair barrette started to do the rounds on social media, I wanted a piece of the hair clip action, though without the high-end price tag, naturally. While these days my most worn hair accessory tends to be my beloved bedtime scrunchie, I’m always up for trying a new trend and am a sucker for anything tortoiseshell or bedazzled with a cute slogan. Having previously tried (and failed) to style out a slogan hair slide, this time round I knew I had to consider my face and head shape to avoid any ‘floating’ words sticking out precariously – definitely not a look Insta starlets would approve of. 

Instead, I opted for a slightly subtler heart-shaped alternative, which ticked my tortoiseshell box and was still bold enough to stand out from my masses of hair. At the time, said hair was both a help and a hindrance – while I’ve never had an issue with hair accessories and staying power, with so much hair my fringe rarely fits within a clip, making my styling options slightly more limited.

That being said, as my fringe is one of the main features of my style, I made this the key focus by pulling back the longer section of my fringe to the side of my face and securing in place with the barrette. As for the positioning, there are several options to play around with, but for the purposes of actually being able to see the clip, I went with keeping it as close to the front as possible. While heavily nineties inspired, this was something I could definitely get onboard with and I instantly felt cooler… perhaps not blogger Liv Purvis levels of cool but I could get there, maybe? I’m sold! Next stop: pearls…  

Both hair accessories used are courtesy of Oliver Bonas.