Clean and serene – seeking a more sustainable hair routine

5 June is World Environment Day, and to mark it we’re taking a look at some of the sustainable hair choices you can make, from salons to new products

The last couple of years have seen some incredible advances in sustainable and eco-friendly options that are making a buzz in the hairdressing world. From the positive changes salons are making to some of the best home care without excess waste, here are some of the sustainable hair heroes to keep your eye out for.

In Salon…

High levels of water use, numerous chemicals and a large power bill – there are lots of things that happen day-to-day in salons which aren’t great for the environment. This is changing though; new initiatives such as the Green Salon Collective and Salon Sustainability have been set up to properly manage salon waste and to give salons a hand in recycling, reusing and safe disposal of chemicals. Salons who have signed up will often have a sign or marketing materials to notify you that they’re taking those extra steps to manage their environmental impact.

Efforts to include more eco-friendly salon design is another thing to look out for. When Brooke Evans began to design her new salon, BE Ironbridge, she knew she wanted to reduce her waste as much as possible: “The key focus was to incorporate as many recycled and eco-friendly elements as possible, minimising the overall impact on the environment, encouraging less waste yet keeping a luxurious feel to the salon,” she explains. For example, the salon is fully insulated to reduce heating costs, with heating and hot water supplied by an AirSource heat pump that creates energy from fresh air.

All elements in the salon are unique – lights created from old Bakelite hairdryers, chairs and sofas sourced from second-hand shops and given new life by a local upholstery firm. “A favourite feature is the ceiling, as it took six weeks to papier maché each individual section, from old ’40s Picture Post magazines that were being thrown out. The reception desk is created from Broseley bricks, locally-sourced and in-keeping with the World Heritage Site nearby.”

At Home…

Eco-ethical weDo/ Professional is vegan, with 93 to 99.7 per cent natural origin ingredients and 100 per cent recyclable plastic packaging. For every product sold, eight plastic bottles are collected from the environment, in partnership with Plastic Bank.

KMS has unveiled three professional Solid Shampoo Bars, highly concentrated versions of their much-loved formulas with natural ingredients. The solid formula helps to save water during product development, as well as reduce plastic and packing materials which lessen CO2 emissions in turn.

Refills are another great alternative to avoid excess waste. Salons that stock nature-driven Authentic Beauty Concept products, like BE Ironbridge, are beginning to offer refill stations that are discounted compared to brand new bottle sales, so you can top up your home-care whenever you pop into the salon.

What do you do with a hairbrush that’s past its best? So many end up in landfill – break the chain with the new Go Green collection from Wet Brush. Featuring a mini detangling brush and a treatment comb made from 100 per cent PLA (plant-based plastic), the collection uses 65 per cent less energy in its manufacture. A stroke of genius!

Don’t waste those old extensions once they’re done being worn! Remi Cachet has an award-winning recycling scheme where you can send your old extensions back to be reused and help clean up the world’s oceans, in partnership with charity Matter of Trust.

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