Carry-On Styling

Take your summer styling to first class heights with our pick of the luggage friendly hair tools to transform your travels

Whether you’re a seasoned packing professional or opt for a last-minute dash round the house, choosing the right styling tools to bring on your travels can be a minefield.

For some, the thought of going au naturel is never an option; they want suitcase friendly hair styling solutions that will leave loads of room for dubious holiday purchases (enormous sombrero anyone?) while also ensuring first class hair throughout their vacation. So, we’ve rounded up the space-saving tools to make your life that much easier. Now, did someone say Piña Colada?

DAFNI Allure 

One thing that can catch out lots of travellers when it comes to their hair is humidity, quickly turning a blow-dry into a bit of a bush. Here, a hot brush is your best friend – and the DAFNI Allure is one of the most portable out there. It’s completely cordless and can style up to three heads on one charge, making it perfect for a long weekend or a week away for the odd touch-up. Definitely a travel buddy!

RRP £155 

ghd flight travel hair dryer 

You always assume that wherever you’re staying will have a hairdryer. that's mistake number one. mistake number two? Assuming that dryer will be stronger than a gnat's cough. Oh, and usually any hotel dryer will be bolted to the wall, too. Throw the ghd flight travel dryer into your case just to be sure – it takes up next to no space, thanks to a handle which folds up, and it's light to carry. Despite being half the size of the regular air dryer it still packs in 70 per cent of the power. Come fly with me...

RRP from £59

Balmain Paris Hair Couture Cordless Titanium Straightener 

For anyone struggling with thicker hair, the prospect of going up to a week or more without straightening irons to hand can seem a little horrifying. The option of bringing a smaller, cordless pair along on your trip means it's easier than ever to keep strands sleek AND there's plenty of room in the carry-on case! Specially designed for travelling, this option from Balmain Paris Hair Couture offers effortless straightening and easy waves, while being lightweight and flexible, with three heat settings. 

RRP £199.95

BaByliss PRO Titanium Expression 10mm Ultra-Slim Wand 

Small in size but mighty in curling power, the Ultra-Slim Wand from BaByliss PRO is your new versatile styling friend to keep your look on point all holiday long. If you're planning some serious nights out, this wand is indeed magical, delivering Studio 54-worthy disco curls or adding some extra volume for the club or bar. The next morning your tresses could be tied in a bun to keep the curls in place, and by the following day let loose once more to for a natural wave that Rapunzel would envy. Get ready to master those candid snaps for the 'gram... 

RRP £65