Can everyone pull off a pixie crop?

If you, like every other woman out there scroll through Instagram or flick over celeb pages of glossy mags for your next haircut inspo, then chances are Gemma Arterton’s new pixie cut hasn’t escaped your notice.

She has chopped off her hair – or more correctly Wild Andreas of John Frieda did it – for her latest role as Joan of Arc in London’s West End. I mean, have you ever seen such a wonderful chop? And of course she looks fabulous. But she’s a ‘sleb, they always look amazing. It got us to thinking, could everyone pull it off? We quickly picked up the phone and gave Sam Burnett a call. He’s the head dude at London salon, Hare & Bone so knows exactly what works on us normal folk. Here’s his advice for who this cut suits…

  • Straight is best – due to the short layers in this cut, straight and naturally smooth hair that will sit like Gemma’s is what you need
  • Consider texture – if you’ve got really curly hair or overly textured waves,  this cut isn’t going to work for you. Sorry!
  • Face shape – heart shapes can pull this off as it highlights the eyes and detracts from the jawline. Square faces can do it but will need slightly longer cuts to soften the face. However oval is the most flattering for this style.
  • Embrace the drama – this is a dramatic cut and can go either way so make sure you consult a respected hairstylist who’ll give you honest advice.
So, what we’ve learnt from Sam is that ultimately this cut is going to suit petite, oval shaped face with killer cheekbones and that’s not everyone – thankfully it is for Gemma Arterton.

Our advice would be to really think about your lifestyle – have you got the time to style this cut every morning – also, have you got any random hair kinks and movement. If so, make sure to tell your hairdresser about them, you know your hair better than anyone – because that will effect the cut. But on the other hand, if you want it, be brave, be bold and go for it!