Don’t say “I do” until you’ve seen our top 30 bridal hair looks

It’s finally happening! After lockdown delays stretching over two summers, you can finally look forward to your big day! You’ve got the ring, the dress, the life partner on lock. But the bridal hair design… just so many options. This isn’t a simple choice; the perfect do needs to:
a) look amazing in all the photos, from all of the angles known to man.
b) stay in place while your aunties squeeze the life force out of you for the third time, and
c) last all night while you’re strutting your stuff to Beyonce on the dance floor (because who doesn’t play Single Ladies ironically at a wedding nowadays?)

It’s a huge decision, so we’ve lovingly edited this selection of 30 hair brideas (get it?) to help you make the choice that will last forevermore on social media. We’ve taken into account style staying power, the view from behind that guests will see and possible veil/hair do interface. We didn’t know what was on your gift registry, so consider THIS our present to you. You’re very welcome – salut!

Now that you’re full of ideas to try, it’s time to book your bridal hair and make-up trial. Not sure where to start with that either? We quizzed some of the best in the business on how to have a seamless experience. Click here to read their expert advice.