Blush blonde? Blorange? Which shade won the L’Oréal Colour Trophy?

L’Oréal Colour Trophy, the longest-running live hairdressing competition in the world, showcases some of the brightest hairdressing talents across the UK, while ensuring that your salon stylists are creating ‘Hair Inspired by Fashion’ – the competition’s mission statement – that you’ll want to wear! We joined 1,300 hairdressers and host Nick Grimshaw this week to find out the winners – see who scooped the prize for your region, and if you agree with the judges’ choice of winner!

We’ll start with the talent of tomorrow – Harriet Stokes from coolest-colour-salon-on-Instagram Not Another Salon, won the STAR Award – Judges’ Favourite, which shines the spotlight on young colourists.
Eastern winner: The Gallery Haircutters, Norwich
Midlands winner: Love the Salon, Cheltenham
North Eastern winner: Contemporary Hair Academy, Middlesbrough
North Western winner: Royston Blythe, Wolverhampton
Northern Ireland winner: Petra's House of Colour, Armagh
South Western winner: Seanhanna, Bristol
Southern winner and 3rd place: Simon Webster Hair, Brighton
London winner and 2nd place: Brooks + Brooks, London
Here we are – the winner! Scotland’s Linton & Mac, from Aberdeen, is a mossy, foresty matte hue that’s so on-trend it hurts – it even vibed with Greenery, the Pantone shade of the year. We’re green with envy!