Do we need 24 hour salons?

As our lives become busier and busier we are getting used to services becoming more flexible to our demands and needs. Need to fill your fridge with food? Amazon now delivers within two hours. Looking for a new outfit to wear to a job interview tomorrow? ASOS will get that to you overnight.

And now hair salons are catching on to facilitate our ‘whatever you want, whenever you want’ desires, with a few starting to offer appointment times whenever you like. Yep, you read that correctly. ANY time of the day or night. We spoke to two salon owners who are offering this service to find out who, why, what and everything in between.

First up, Neil Cornelius of Neil Cornelius Salon

Neil Cornelius Salon“The 24/7 system works really well for us. The salon’s location (you can find Neil Cornelius Salon on London’s busy Bond Street) means it’s surrounded by offices and businesses and we are targeting that market. These are people that haven’t got time to get the salon between 9am and 5pm. The need to come in early morning or later on at night, and we can accommodate that. We’re no different to bin men – we provide a service and if a client needs a 6am or a 9pm appointment, then you have to be there for them. There’s not a time of the day that I wouldn’t do and we often have a full salon at 11pm. I don’t charge any extra for the service, the only thing I ask is that the client calls between 9am to 6pm to book the appointment and they pay in full upfront. Otherwise everything else is exactly the same.”

And there’s Darren Scott of Darren Scott Salon

Darren Scott Salon

“I am just about to launch my 24/7 service. It came about purely because of the needs of my clients. Gone are the rigid 9 to 5 working days. More people are working longer hours and they have even less spare time. We also have a number of celebrity clients who prefer privacy so it’s perfect for that too. However, we are offering this as a premium service so it will start at £350 plus the cost of the service on top. Most of the time we will try to go to the client’s house or hotel unless they’re having a chemical service such as colour, in which case they will come to the salon, but we will keep the shutters down for safety and security. This may seem expensive, but I believe the type of client who requests an out of hours appointment are the type that wouldn’t mind paying and I already have clients offering to pay three to four times the amount for me to squeeze them in during ‘regular’ hours.”