Beat the heat

If the rising heat is making your hair fall flat, then don’t despair – our trusty experts can revive any style

Whether it’s long hair going limp or curly coils descending into frizz, the heat can undo all of your hard work within minutes. With another heatwave expected across the UK, it’s time to break out your best priming products. Layered Online shows you how to beat the heat with some top hairstyles for hot weather, and a little help from the experts…

Michael Lendon at the flagship Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Spa in Covent Garden has seen this a hundred times. “Summer humidity can wreak havoc with hair – essentially the combo of warmth and moisture will make your hair return to its natural state. If you have naturally wavy or frizzy hair then your locks will revert to this during a heat wave.” Product will definitely help to keep your style in your desired look. Opt for style prepping products such as Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep to create a resilient base. Applied to wet hair before drying, this will provide heat protection and humidity defence while smoothing your hair. “If all else fails, call it quits and beat the heat by braiding your hair any which way you like,” adds Michael. “Loose and relaxed around your hairline, or a classic pony into twist up to a bun.”

“Product layering is the absolute best way to keep unruly hair in place, especially when the weather is hot,” insists stylist Rosie Briscoe from Ethos in Manchester. “To start, treat the hair with a moisture rich shampoo and conditioner and some heat protection. Follow up by applying a light hold hair spray before heat styling, and then again after (hence the product layering) to really seal in the style.”

“One of the main problems with summer styling is the high level of humidity in the air that can cause hair to frizz and jeopardise your hairstyle.  If your hair does frizz, don’t be tempted to damp it down as this will dehydrate your hair and cause it to frizz even more,” warns Electric’s Mark Woolley. “It’s best to keep summer styles simple as hot weather can ruin heavily styled hair. Try a sleek, chic ponytail and – to spice it up a little – leave a section free, wrap it around the base of the ponytail and secure with a grip.  This elegant and refined style is simple and stylish – perfect for those long summer months!”

Karine Jackson, who runs her eponymous salon in London’s West End, agrees: “Work with your texture. There’s no point trying to wear a smooth style if you know your hair is going to rebel at the first sign of humidity. Take control of any frizz by using a serum on damp hair, and twist hair as it dries to encourage a natural wave. On longer hair, a cute braid around the front section is easy to do and keeps hair in check, or plait all of your hair while damp and leave it to dry in place, then when you take it out it’ll be set into beachy waves. Setting hair from wet to dry will give much more longevity of style for hair.”

It’s not just textured hair which struggles in high heat. For straight hair, Paul Windle suggests avoiding using oil and going with more of a lightweight moisturiser hair cream like the Windle London Invisible Day and Night Cream. “I would also avoid too much blow drying because very straight hair doesn’t hold so well. Try using the Windle London Thickening Cream on wet hair and rough dry everything forward for extra volume. When the hair is dry, use the Windle London Matte Texture hairspray for root lift. This will give a similar effect to dry shampoo because of the salt content. It keeps the scalp clean and prevents hair from getting greasy.”

Extensions are just as prone to acting out during extreme weather as your own natural hair. Louise Jenkins of Great Lengths knows that better than most. “Sometimes frizz from humidity can be just as frustrating as frizz from damp, rainy weather! The most important part of combating this is to prep your hair right. Laying the right foundations will ensure that your hair lasts regardless of the weather. Finish hair with BIO A+O.E. leave in water spray. This frizz control focused spray can used on wet hair to help to control and deter hair from resorting back to its frizzy, fluffy nature. It can also be used in dry hair to calm and fix any unruly and stubborn textures.”

Ross Hume, based at Willowbank in Aberdeen, thinks “simplicity is key and finding great products that will help you create the look you are trying to achieve is essential. I love blow-drying Tecni.ART Pli from L’Oréal Professionnel – a heat-activated styling spray – into hair, as this gives the perfect canvas to work with. It creates instant volume and helps to thicken and hold. It’s a great preparation product as it locks in texture and allows you to blow-dry hair sleek, while hiding any signs of excess oil, for added volume and – crucially – a style that lasts in the heat.”

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