Want to beat your cowlick? Just flip it!

Does your hair part and bump in ways you cannot control? Oh, the curse of the cowlick. Well, we ask Salon Sloane’s John Vial how to wrestle back control…

Cowlicks suck. Stubborn kinks of hair that part and wave in ways designed to reduce you to a puddle of frustration-flavoured tears. Many just put up with them; but we refused to be cowed…or cowlicked.

Beauty editor Nadine Baggott credits John Vial – a Fashion Week favourite backstage, global influencer Revlon Professional, founder of Salon Sloane in London ­and man of marvellous mullets – for showing her how to tame her double cowlick curse (she claims she would have a front section of hair like the McDonalds M logo without his tactics). So we called and begged him to share his secret…

“Start off by blow-drying your hair in the direction of the cowlick, and after 30 seconds, switch to drying in the other direction using a Denman brush – left right, left right, and repeat,” he explains. “It’s essential to start from saturated hair, not semi-dry,” he adds sternly.

What next Mr V ?

“Use a round brush to hold and pull the hair in both directions, and a product with a decent amount of hold like Double or Nothing Endless Control from Revlon Professional,” he says. “Reverse directions again, constantly flipping left to right – eventually the hair will temporarily relax.”

He explains that drying your hair in multiple directions will help breakdown the stubborn direction the hair naturally wants to fall in due to the cowlick. “But make sure your hair is 100 per cent dry,” he warns. “Even slightly damp, and it will fall back into its old unruly pattern!”