Are you IN? Why a career in hairdressing rocks!

Know friends who love playing with hair? Or have you got a creative itch that can’t be scratched? Perhaps you want to own your own business? THE INDUSTRY shows why you need to think hairdressing!

The hairdressing industry has taken a bit of a bashing recently. Somehow hairdressing has fallen through the cracks and become a career choice that gets passed over.

Which is crazy! Hairdressing is such a broad, creative, stimulating industry which can provide you opportunity to travel, to earn heaps of money, to own your own business.

Step forward THE INDUSTRY

This site has been created by Alfol Publishing, our parent company, to provide a databank of resources for anyone even slightly curious about a career in hairdressing. THE INDUSTRY delivers practical information alongside relevant and relatable role models to help guide the next generation of hairdressers on their path.

Hear from people who are already living the hairdressing dream: session artists travelling the world and working with Chanel, styling for Vogue and handling the hair of Gigi Hadid; salon owners running successful businesses and making tons of money; colourists painting masterpieces on the canvas of hair; and those incredible folks who make a huge difference to how their day-to-day customers feel.

See for yourself…

THE INDUSTRY has kicked off with an incredible documentary to highlight the power and passion of stylists, colourists and barbers within the industry.

If you’re not sure how you could even start a career in the biz, short of walking into a salon and asking for a job, THE INDUSTRY has all of your options laid out in clear, concise routes into the industry.

Hairdressing is certainly not restricted to work within a salon. Check out these interviews, demos and behind-the-scenes videos of life in the business to get a good idea of just how exciting and stimulating a life in hair can be.

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THE INDUSTRY is here to be helpful. To inspire. To show the side of hairdressing that people choose not to see. Are you IN?