All the salon services you never knew about

What do you ask for when you go to the salon? A cut and colour? Some highlights, or maybe a balayage if you’re feeling fancy? That’s all very well – but did you know that there are a wealth of services out there that you probably never even knew existed – and they can help with so many common hair issues. So next time you’re sitting in your stylist’s chair, tell them what’s bothering you – chances are, they’ve got the perfect solution to suit you!

Glossing services

Shades EQ by Redken

If your hair is looking a little tired, then a little gloss could be just what it needs. Glossing services are the hair world equivalent to lipgloss. We love Shades EQ by Redken, which are available in a range of commitment-free colours. Or there’s the crystal clear shade, which doesn’t affect your colour at all, instead just covering it with a glittering sheen.

Colour additives

Colour by Seanhanna salons using L’Oréal Professionnel Smartbond

It started with Olaplex, but now there are numerous different products your colourist can add to their formula to make the process a little kinder to your hair. There’s Smartbond by L’Oréal Professionnel, Fiberplex by Schwarzkopf Professional, Wellaplex by Wella Professionals… these miracle products work by repairing the broken bonds caused by colouring. Your hair will feel much stronger, and better protected against harsh dyes and bleaches,



Colouring your hair shouldn’t be a one step process – that’s why box dyes just don’t cut it. Once you’ve lifted out the undertones, you’re left with the red, orange and yellow colours. Toners are the essential step that take your lighter hair and turn it into the colour you actually want. Want an icy grey shade? A toner will cool it right down. Desperate for warm, honey strands? The correct toner will take you there. Want to know more about toner? Read our guide here!

Semi-permanent colours

Colour Mousse by RUSK

More people than ever are daring to dip their toe into the rainbow hair colour trend, no matter what age or hair type they have – google Helen Mirren pink hair if you need any convincing. But not everyone wants to fully commit to their unicorn hair, which is why there are a whole host of semi-permanent colouring options. Ask your hairdresser to add a few pumps of the Schwarzkopf Professional Blush Wash next time you’re at the backwash, or a swoosh of RUSK Colour Mousse before your blow-dry. It’s like makeup for your hair!

Texturising services


If the word perm still brings you out in a cold sweat, we don’t blame you – bad memories are hard to forget. However, some pioneering hairdressers are beginning to bring it back, in the form of a new generation of texturising services. London legend Luke Hersheson has a menu of two perms that are a million miles away from the crispy curls of the ‘80s. The maxi perm at Hersheson’s is designed to give you curls worthy of an old school supermodel, while the Hair Thickening Braid Perm just gives an injection of texture to lifeless hair. Sounds like this is the start of the perm’s return.

Smoothing treatments

Kerasilk by Goldwell

If you find your wayward hair is taking a long time to tame, then it might be time to consider a smoothing treatment. Taking place in the salon, your hairdresser will apply the treatment and let it work its magic, leaving you with softer, smoother hair, KeraStraight offers quick fixes along with more permanent solutions, and shampoos and conditioners to care for your hair after being treated. The Goldwell Kerasilk range has a whole offering of treatments to tame badly behaved hair – Kerasilk Control will transform it.

Expert product advice

Dyson Professional

Your hairdresser wants your hair to look fabulous not just the day you leave the salon, but for the days, weeks and even months afterwards. Why? Because, aside from caring about their clients, your head is a walking billboard for their services. So it’s totally in their interest to suggest the best products to keep your hair looking swish – get talking and they’ll be only too happy to show you how to get the most out of your new look, and give you perfectly tailored recommendations.