A month worth of hair inspo just for you

Fed up with the same old pony or lack lustre look?

We asked Instagrammer and braider extraordinaire, Becky Thurston aka Do of the Day, to put together a whole month’s worth of looks so you never need have a bad hair day again.

Day 1: The Bow

The big bow - cute for any occasion and so easy to do! Just scoop the top half of the hair into a ponytail and tie with a band but don't pull it all through. Separate in two and use the end of the hair, pulling it up and over and clip in place. 

Day 2: Braids Into A Bun

Looking for a 'get-my-hair-out-of-my-face' hairdo? Then this is it! All of the hair is swept away into a bun to keep it off the back of your neck and braids give it some interest at the front. Braid the front panels first and then secure into a bun.

Day 3: Half Up Half Down 

Give a half up, half down style some added girlieness by adding some serious bounce and curl. 

Day 4: The Halo Braid

Starting on the right or left side depending on where your parting is, braid the hair round in a dutch braid (taking the hair under instead of over). Be sure to keep an even distance between the braid and the hairline. Once you've braided 75% of the way round, plait the remaining hair down into a normal plait, securing the end with a band. Then pull this plait up and round to complete the circle. Secure with hair grips and hairspray.

Day 5: Boho Chic

This boho chic look is easily achieved using a hair elastic. Simply place band over the hair then take the loose hair underneath it and wrap up, around the elastic. Secure with pins if required.... 


Day 6: The Blowout

Sometimes you've just got to go with a classic, smooth blow-dry with just a few curls through the ends for good measure! 

Read our tutorial on how to blowdry like a pro.

Day 7: The Rope Twist

Starting on the left side, get a small portion of hair and split into two. Then twist each section around and around, much like if you were to play with your hair whilst daydreaming! Then twist these two bits of hair around each other and secure with a small clear band at the very end.

The next part is a slight illusion. Gather some hair on the other side, as if you were to repeat the process, but just twist the whole section of hair for approx 5cm. Clip in place and the let rest of the hair hang loose. Next, taking the main twisted section, pull around head and secure around by the 'fake twist' using grips. Sounds more complicated than it really is!

Day 8: The Backcombed Bun

The backcombed bun is great for a special occasion - super chic and stylish, with an understated elegance. I enhanced it with some batiste dry shampoo to help me get more from my hair! 

Day 9: The Boho Twist Updo

The boho twist updo is super pretty and super easy! Just twist the hair round the side of the head, loosely and secure. Then, using ponytail, twist into separate pieces and work it up into a messy bun

Day 10: Bow and a bun

It may sound contrived but the simplest, and chicest, way to add some interest to a simple ballet bun is by adding a hair scarf or hair band. Team with a fluro lippy and you've got yourself a serious statement look. 

Day 11: Big bouncy blow-dry

Errrrr, hello K-Mid hair! I used my GHD straighteners to get this look - for me, they seem to have the strongest, longest lasting curl, that once finished, you can shake it out a bit to loosen up and it still stays put really well.

Top tip: once you have curled the hair by twisting the Ghd and pulling down to the end of the hair, before releasing it roll the hair back up wrapped round the barrel of the ghd, as though using a wand, for more of a barrel curl effect. Hold for a few seconds and then unravel to release. It seems to help form a nicer shape!

Day 12: The Topknot

The topknot - is my personal fave... It's so practical for a busy bee like me, because it helps keep my hair off my face in a chic way!  

Day 13: The Braid-Bun Hybrid

The quiff-braid-bun-hybrid is like jazzing up a plain old bun using, yep you've guessed it, BRAIDS!

Day 14: Twisted pony

A simple way to jazz up a plain old ponytail, in just a few seconds! 

Put the hair into a normal pony, positioned on the side. Using a clear plastic band tie the pony half or a third of the way down the hair (depending on the length of hair). Separate the hair in between the two bands, so you create a bit of a hole. Then loop the rest of the loose pony through the hole; pull through and pull down. Move on to the next section of hair and repeat. This will create a twisted look. 

Day 15: Wedding guest hair

Today is wedding guest hair! Create a ponytail leaving a small section of hair out, towards the bottom of the head. The crown is back-combed to get some extra volume. 

Create a bun with the ponytail (or enhance with a bun ring aka donut). Then take the loose hair and create two small plaits. Secure with hairbands and then wrap them around the bun. Easy as ABC!

Day 16: The weekend pony

A casual-chic pony fit for a weekend. Achieved by curling the hair (before putting it into a pony), gently brushing it out to get a soft curl and then pulling it up into a ponytail.

Day 17: Crown Braid

Monday morning calls for a crown! So why not make one by starting a plait from one side and wrap it round to the other side.

Day 18: Ultra chic bun

Today's ultra-chic bun is easily achieved by leaving section out when created the bun and then pinning them around with lots of grips. 

Day 19: Casual beachy waves

Try these relaxed beachy waves by tonging large sections of hair and brushing them out while the hair is still warm.


Day 20: The twist

Starting with the top section and working your way down, twist the hair round bit by bit, being sure to use LOADS of grips to hold your work in place as you go. Finish by tying the end into a ponytail and wrapping a small piece of hair around and tucking it in to hide the band. 

Day 21: French plait

Forget about #FBF, it's all about French Plait Friday! This hairstyle is so great for a girl on the go - ideal for work, exercise, dancing and more - it can EVEN withstand the heat of Bikram (trust me, I've tried) and still look good at the end! 

Day 22: Beachy waves

Give a twist to your beachy waves by pinning back sections of the front of your hair - it's relaxed and frames your face. 

Day 23: Pimped up pony

Another simple way to jazz up a plain old pony, in seconds - add a band in regular intervals down the pony and pulling each section out a bit to give more of a puffball look. 

Day 24: 50s twists

Add a retro vibe to your look by twisting up the sides, pinning them in place and tonging the ends of the hair.

Day 25: Knotted Up

Being part of a very nautical family makes me think Dad will like this one! It's quite fiddly but worth the struggle. Top tip - use some hairspray before you start to make the hair nice and tacky and more pliable and then knot it into place, depending on your hair thickness it may stay put or you may need to use some grips to keep it in place. 

Day 26: The chunky plait

This is possibly my favourite look so far - the big messy side plait. I started off with a french braid then morphed it into a fishtail. 

Day 27: The flower braid

Today I made a flower using a plait, just because! All you need to do to create this is to plait a section of hair and then starting at the bottom, form a pinwheel, winding the hair up and then clipping in place with a grip.

Day 28: The messy bun

Woken up late? Don't worry! Whip your hair into a messy bun - this actually works better if your hair is a bit greasy so perfect for those frantic morning when you're trying to get out the door - grab your stuff and go! 

Day 29: Curls and braids

Part your hair and plait the front sections backwards, throw in some curls, add add some sunnies (even if it's not sunny, it's what VB does after all) and you've got a perfect glam, but oh-so-easy to do look. 

Day 30: The triple-plait-plait

Put your hair in a pony tail and then split the hair into 3 sections as if you were about to plait it. Then plait each section into its own plait, before braiding the 3 small plaits together to make a super plait! 

Day 31: Relaxed waves

I used Joico Colour Endure Violet shampoo and conditioner to rid my blonde of the brassiness. I then curled it with my ghds and then shook it out using Joico Hair Shake to give it some extra oomph! 

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