8 blow-drying tips you need to know NOW

It should be the most basic skill, but somehow doing the perfect blow-dry at home still remains one of the tricker things to get right in life. That’s why we asked the team at blow-dry bar brand, Duck and Dry, for its top tips to help us get that little bit closer to blow-drying perfection.

Duck and Dry


Piece by piece
Sectioning your hair is really important. Four sections is optimum because it won’t make the process too long, but it gives you the chance to style pieces individually.


Go smaller
It’s a little counter intuitive, but you’ll actually get “bigger”, more curled hair with a smaller circular brush. A larger round brush will give you a straighter finish.


Rough dry first
Your hair needs to be about 80% dry before you start styling, otherwise your arms will get tired. It’s the last few minutes that matter the most when you’re styling, so make them count.
Blow-dry tips


Up and at ’em
Pull the hair upwards and forwards from the root, starting at the back of the head as you dry. The higher and more further forward you can bring your hair, the more volume you will get. If you have a bit of extra time, and enough round brushes, you can leave the brush in while you get to work on the next section.


Finish with a twirl
Rotating the ends with a round brush is how you get polished looking ends, so get practising the twist.


Cool it down
Don’t fry your hair with heat. Did you know it’s actually the cool button on your dryer that will help keep your hair in the shape you want? So once you’ve shaped it with your brush and the heat give it a blast of cool to set it into place.
Duck and Dry


Forward facing
If you’re in a rush and haven’t got time to blow-dry all your hair then just focus on the front sections, as this is what people notice first so you want it to look best. Prep it with a styling spray, blow-dry and then tie the rest of your hair up or tuck it behind your ears so that the front section gets all the attention.


Future-proof your hair
A good blow-dry is much better for your hair than using straighteners – perfect that and you’ll save time and prevent damage.