Here’s how to support your favourite hair salon right now

The team at The Collective by Lloyds in Waterford, Ireland

With the recent advice that social distancing is hoped to slow the spread of COVID-19, most people are sensibly opting to stay at home, avoiding public places and close contact. Unfortunately, without welcoming in visitors as normal, many salons are going to struggle to make ends meet. But there are some things you can do to help support them as best you can until things go back to normal, especially since you’re probably going to have lots of extra time at home over the next few weeks! Tick off this list packed with advice from the Layered team and our friends at Phorest Salon Software.

1. Buy a voucher

Regardless of whether people are coming in, salon owners have to pay rent and many have staff who depend on them for their wages. Without cash coming in, this will be extremely difficult. So, in return for all the times your hairdresser has made you feel great, why not give them a much needed injection of cash when they need it most and buy yourself a voucher for a future service? Plus, this means you’ve got a lovely treat to look forward to when everything is back to normal. 

2. Book an appointment for the future

If you can’t afford to splash out at the moment, contact your salon and get yourself booked in for an appointment a couple of months down the line. That way they can start to fill up their diaries and it lets them know that there will be business coming in once we’re over the worst.

3. Use their online shop

Just because you’re self-isolating doesn’t mean that you’ll stop washing your hair, so do continue to stock up on your favourite salon shampoo and conditioner. In fact, it could be a good opportunity to try out some new products and styles. Quite a few salons have an online shop, so why not order a product to try, and use it while finally teaching yourself how to French braid, or get the perfect topknot!

4. Write a review

How many times have you promised to write a review for your favourite salon, only to forget because you’re so busy? Well, now is the time to shout about why you love them, what makes their service unique and why the experience is unforgettable. It’ll show your hairdresser you care, help them show up in Google searches and encourage new clients to give them a whirl in the future. 

5. Keep in touch on social media

With everyone stuck inside, we’re all spending more time staring at screens than ever before, so use this time to spread the word about your favourite salon. Upload a picture of that killer cut you got a few weeks ago, or tap to like their pics on Instagram. If you’ve got friends who are bored too, now is the time to recommend your favourite salon and hairdresser accounts to them. Plus, you can sign and share this petition, which aims to get hairdressers the government help many desperately need during closures. Your hairdresser will thank you for it.