5 things you need to know about the Amazon Salon

The new London Spitalfields salon will be stuffed to the gills with technology – but you can get a cut, colour, blow dry and braid too. Here are the deets…

1. It won’t be robots or drones cutting hair

That seems to have been the reaction from some to the news, that somehow it would be androids wielding scissors. However, you’ll be able to get hair services such as cuts, highlights, balayage and braids supplied by real humans. In fact, Elena Lavagni, owner of Knightsbridge salon Neville Hair & Beauty, is heading up the hair side with an independent team of hairdressers.

2. You’ll be able to see what you look like with <INSERT HAIR COLOUR HERE>

Once you’re all comfy at the styling station, look up into the mirror and you can experiment with different hair colours thanks to the augmented reality technology. Fancy seeing what that fiery red hue will look like on you? Now’s the time, with no commitment… and if you spot a shade you love, you’ll have hairdressers on hand to make it a reality. Just make sure you have a proper consultation with a professional before you make any big decisions based on that virtual look!

3. Pretend to be in Minority Report when shopping for shampoo 

Okay, that might be a bit of a stretch but these salon’s shelves will be next level when it comes to the tech. Want to find the perfect smoothing serum or hair mask? Point at a product on the shelves and all the relevant information, including brand videos and educational content, will appear on a display screen. Scan the relevant QR code on the shelf and you’ll be whizzed to the product detail page on Amazon.co.uk and you’ll be able to buy it and get it delivered to your home.

4. Forget the tatty old magazines to read with your coffee

In Covid times, magazines have been scrapped due to hygiene concerns, but Amazon Salon will take it to the next level and ensure every client gets to use an Amazon Fire tablet at each styling station, so you can be entertained throughout your appointment. Of course, you could always just talk to the hairdresser behind your chair, if that isn’t too old-fashioned?

5. You’ll have to wait a few weeks to book in

Right now only Amazon employees can use the salon. It’s an experiential venue to test out the tech but the online shopping giant has said that it will be open to the general public to book “in the coming weeks”, adding that there are no current plans for further Amazon Salons to pop up elsewhere across the UK.

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