5 reasons a paddle brush is your BBF*

Ah the paddle brush. Often over-looked in the brush arena in favour of the classic round barrelled version but it shouldn’t be because it’s absolutely genius for styling your hair. So if you’ve never thought of picking up this slightly bigger, squared-off brush then here are 5 reasons from hairdresser, Hayley Gibson-Forbes, co-director at S J Forbes salon why you should.


 Bigger is best
Look at the surface area on it. Because of it’s size and dimensions, a paddle brush can pick up a lot more hair in one go making your drying time a lot, lot quicker. An added bonus is that it also massages the scalp making at-home styling a lot more enjoyable too.


Shine factor
Using a paddle brush makes your cuticles lie flat, which ultimately makes the hair look more shiny. It’s also great for detangling hair which of course helps it look smoother too.


Seasonal saviour
Going back to its smoothing capabilities. The big, flat shape is anti-static, so it’s the ideal fix for hat hair, and if you suffer from the dreaded frizz.


Beginners luck
The paddle brush requires little skill and effort as there is no turning and twisting involved. It’s also very good for creating a beveled shape around the face. So if you find blow-drying a bit of a faff, then a paddle brush is the best brush to start off with.


Versatility Factor
A paddle brush is perfect for all different hair types and textures (from baby-fine to thick long hairstyles), and a good one can last for years. I promise you won’t be disappointed with it.

Here’s our pick of the three best paddle brushes out there
Aveda paddle brush Aveda Paddle Brush, £21 Originally designed to be used in conjunction with in-salon scalp treatments because the bristles massage so perfectly, it wasn’t long before this brush became popular for every day use, especially for long haired gals.
Kent Paddle BrushKent Extra Large Paddle Brush, £11
With a cushioned base that prevents you from pulling at your hair this is a great option for thicker hair that gets knotty.

UNITE paddle brushUNITE boar bristle paddle brush, £25.90
The combination of ionic and heat resistant nylon bristles with boar bristles make this perfect for blow-drying with. It will reduce frizz and maximise shine. Plus the two types of bristle make it grip to hair better so you’ve got more of a chance of creating some shape.