5 genius tips for curly hair

Larry King is not only responsible for grooming some of the most beautiful men in the world (he’s David Gandy‘s regular hairdresser and he’s tended to the locks of Jared Leto… that’s right!), he is also known for getting the very best out of curly hair. So when we wanted to find out everything there is to know about getting curly hair looking its best, he was the only man we wanted to speak to.

Pixie Lott
 The cut
When it comes to getting your hair cut, Larry recommends your stylist cuts it from wet to dry. “A lot of stylists forget to plan for how much the hair will shrink when dry so if it’s drying naturally as they cut, they’ll get a better idea of how the final length and shape will look.” But you’ve got to tell them what you like to do with your hair too, “curly hair will never look as good straight as it does when natural and there are some curly cuts that won’t suit a straight blow-dry, so make sure you tell your stylist if you like to wear it both ways. But I say: be brave and embrace the curl. I persuaded Pixie Lott to embrace her curls and now she loves them.”

The style

When it comes to length, shape, layers – what’s the 411 for curly hair? “You can go short or long, but layers are key,” says Larry. Any major cutting no-no’s? “NEVER let your stylist thin your hair out with thinning scissors, this just adds frizz.” You have been warned.

Fringes: oui or non?

“There’s a massive trend for curly fringes right now. Think late 70s, early 80s, Flash Dance, Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally.” We literally couldn’t be happier with those references. “But they key is to go heavy or go home.” You heard it here first everyone.

Drying it

It’s all about the diffuser. “Drying curly hair is all about letting the natural curl form and dry in its natural state, a diffuser helps with this as it spreads the heat and delivers it more gently to the hair.” And keep your mitts off, “touching the hair while it’ drying creates frizz so keep your hands away. And it’s always best to dry hair from soaking wet (unlike straight hair) as this again helps the curl form more naturally.”

Selena Gomez

Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Primer

Curly kit
Larry’s top tips for styling curly hair is to comb through soaking wet hair, twisting individual curls to let them form into spirals. Apply a good, soft hold mousse to the roots (he likes Redken Guts 10), then some heat protector (he likes Redken Pillow Proof) and a curl cream (he swears by Redken Curvaceous Full Swirl). Tip your head over and diffuse from below to get root lift and allowing the curls to remain intact. Once the hair is dry, shake out the curls and rub a styling cream (Larry loves Redken Outshine 01) between your hands and fingers and crunch into the curls.

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