Mum’s the word – post-pregnancy hair heroes you need to know about

Searching for some tender loving haircare? Discover the post-pregnancy tool kit to bring your hair back to life!

You’ve had your little bundle and life has never been better, apart from the sleepless nights – but lets not talk about those. However, you may have noticed that your hair is looking a little lack lustre. Never fear, Layered Online’s SJ talks you through the products that got her post-pregnancy hair looking full and glossy again.

post pregnancy hair heroes

There were a couple of elements of being pregnant I was happy to see the back of – the sore back, aching legs and looking like a whale. However I was sad to see my pregnancy hair go. For the best part of nine months, it was gloriously thick, super shiny and excessively bouncy – I was the blonde Kate Middleton for a brief moment of my life, just without the HRH title (although my husband may beg to differ!) Plus my daily battle with frizz miraculously vanished. This is all thanks to the rise of hormones. However, what goes up must come down and when your hormones return to ‘normal’, post-pregnancy levels then your hair changes too.

The first thing you may notice is hair shedding. Our hair works in three stages, it’s grows, rests and then sheds. During pregnancy the rise in oestrogen prevents the shedding stage from happening which is why hair feels and looks so thick. Once your hormones balance out again – it normally occurs when you either stop breast-feeding or approximately three months after giving birth – then not only do you shed all the hair that you are meant to, but all the hair that didn’t fall out during the previous 9 months. If that is happening to you, do not panic. It is entirely normal. I thinned around the temples and it was very noticeable when I tied my hair back into a pony – my go-to ‘do when with my baby.

Then there’s the lack of shine and bounce to contend with. It’s hard to get all the nutrients and vitamins you need for healthy hair at the best of times but when you’re running around after a small human and seem to spend your time drinking tea and eating cake in quantities like never before, it’s no wonder your hair becomes dry and damaged. And if you struggle with frizz like I do, then that only gets worse too.

But it’s not all bad news. There are some amazing products out there that are amazing at restoring post-pregnancy hair back to its finest.

Post-pregnancy hair heroes


Redken Frizz Dismiss Shampoo, £17
Think of this as a keratin treatment in a bottle because that’s how good it is. It contains all kind of whizz-bang ingredients, but all you need to know is that it seriously smooths. Of all the frizz-taming shampoos I have ever tried (which is most) this is by far, the most efficient. The range extends to a treatment and blow-dry spray which are also all fabulous, but if you can only stretch to one, start with the shampoo.


NIOXIN Recharging Complex, £40
Hair needs all kinds of good things to help it grow and stay put for as long as possible and food can’t always give us everything we need. Combat thinning hair from the inside out with the NIOXIN Recharging Complex Supplements; a multi-nutrient blend fortified with Biotin, Iron and Zinc to help support normal and healthy hair growth. Just so you know, you cannot take the tablets when breast-feeding but once you’ve stopped it’s one-tablet a day to help support normal, healthy-growing hair.


Aveda Dry Remedy Daily Oil, £22
Your hair is dry and damaged. You know you should do a hair treatment but nowadays taking a shower is an activity that needs to be done as quickly as possible so you certainly don’t have 10 minutes to just stand there and wait for something to sink in. That’s where this brilliant product comes in; think of it as a nourishing body oil for your hair, which you can use whether it’s dry or wet. Your hair drinks it up so you aren’t left with a sticky or greasy residue feel.


Biolage Advanced FullDensity Leave-In Spray Treatment, £17.95
This is a new find and wish I’d had it when I started on my hair-regrowth mission. This range from Biolage is specifically for women with thinning hair and ideal for new mums. There is a shampoo and conditioner, however if you can only get one thing, get the spray on-treatment. You target it directly onto any thinning areas and gently massage it in with your fingers allowing the biotin and zinc to get to work. As well as getting your hair to grow faster and better it also has a wonderful side-effect of volumising your hair and gives it a slightly matte texture which you can then scrunch in with your fingers to lift it up and make your hair look instantly fuller.