Out with the old, in with the new

These are the hair resolutions we’ll be making for happier and healthier strands in 2021

The Layered Online team has been busy reflecting on their 2020 hair, and the many buns and dry shampoo days strands have endured this year. With a chance to hit reset (and hopefully schedule more salon visits) in 2021, we’ll be holding tight to these resolutions for the next 12 months. Or trying to, anyway…

My hair resolution is… To tone up

A couple of years ago, I was a 100% scalp bleach blonde, and I was forever reaching for the purple shampoo. Now, I’ve embraced my natural dark-blonde-or-is-it-light-brown hue, opting for a face-framing money piece and a few hand-painted sections here and there. Over lockdown, I was lucky in that I could spray my roots and get away with my regrowth, for the most part. But what I found I really missed was the perfect tone I get from the salon – that biscuity-blonde goodness with the super-duper shine that leaves me feeling like a million dollars. This means returning to the purple toning products for my front piece, but also thinking about the rest of my hair. I resolve to return to the salon more often (lockdowns permitting!) for a quick toning touch-up to amp up the shine and blend in those pesky greys, and to help at home with professional products like Color Touch from Wella Professionals. That bottle of beautiful you can buy in the salon after a consultation with your colourist, and apply at home to get a terrific tone that should last around six or seven washes. – Amanda, editor

My hair resolution is… To give my tresses some TLC

Over the past few years my hair has gone through serious colour damage and a lack of top-up trims, leaving my tresses damaged and in need of a LOT of TLC! This year, my hair resolution is to take the time and effort to properly look after my locks and achieve an overall healthier hair condition.

In desperate need of a cut after lockdown, I headed to the salon where Katie, from Mayfive, showed me exactly where I was going wrong with my hair routine. She explained which products I should be using for fine, dehydrated, coloured hair and, after pointing out how there was serious breakage because of using elastics to tie up my hair, made me promise to never use them again and instead make scrunchies and Invisibobbles my new go-to.

So, I’m going to start the year how I mean to go on and invest in high quality hair products; never use elastics again to tie my hair back; avoid harmful colour treatments and definitely book in a couple more trips to the salon over the next 12 months. By following all the above steps and my stylist’s advice, I hope that in 2021 I can strengthen and further protect my tresses to create healthier looking hair. – Bella, staff writer

My hair resolution is… To always use protection

My hair is long and thick, so post-wash, only the hottest heat setting on my dryer stands a chance of getting me ready in any kind of acceptable time. So, here it is, my confession… sometimes I forget to use heat protector. I know it’s not good for the health of my hair, I’ve heard countless professionals hammer home it’s importance and yes, I have seen that viral toast video! Therefore my 2021 hair pledge is to ALWAYS use heat protection – I know, it seems so simple, but you know what they say… make it simple but significant, right? – Jenny, staff writer

My hair resolution is…To embrace a hair routine detox

With more and more hair care products available that are plant-based, organic and eco-friendly, I really want to make more effort when choosing things for my bathroom shelf. Last year I got rid of all the clutter in my life. Now it’s time for being even more selective with regards to the items I bring into the home, or into the shower more like! No more products containing sulphates, gluten, sodium chloride, parabens… It’s good for the planet, good for animals, good for my hair – everybody wins! – Eva, digital designer

My hair resolution is… To give my styling skills a glow-up

So, I must confess that my 2020 resolution wasn’t a total success. Did I manage to step away from the electrical styling tools on a daily basis? Surprisingly yes, but given the fact we’ve all been in lockdown for a majority of the year, straightening my strands everyday hasn’t always been a top priority. However, while my locks may be in better condition (thanks lockdown Kelsey for spending endless nights in doing self-care) I can’t say I’ve given my hair the love and attention it deserves this year.

With this in mind, next year I vow to spend more time on styling – be it accessorising, up-dos or a sleek ponytail – because there’s only so many times you can make a top knot happen. When it comes to plaits my skills are as basic as they come, so my first stop is swotting up on the braid glossary and then bing-watching some styling tutorials. Ari watch out – I’m determined to snatch your pony/braid/half updo look in 2021. – Kelsey, digital assistant

My hair resolution is… To hit reset on my routine

I’m happy to report that I was successful with my resolution for 2020, and that even in December’s low light and grainy Zoom calls I had friends commenting on how shiny and healthy my hair looked. My eternal thanks go to JOICO’s K-PAK range, which I discovered in the latter half of 2020 and have kept my lengthy locks looking and feeling great even with limited access to the salon.

For 2021 I want to finally – FINALLY – wean myself off washing my hair every day. I’ve managed to get my skin under control after years of over-exfoliation to try and clear my pores by going low and slow, rather than harsh and abrasive. I’m hoping to do the same with my hair, and eking out wash day will also help with preserving my hair colour. I have fine hair and I’ve always avoided pushing through the awkward phase where your hair and skin (supposedly) learns to regulate themselves better. If there’s ever been a time to try it, it’s the depths of winter in a pandemic with limited access to people! I’ll be re-acquainting myself with dry shampoo and styles to disguise my roots in the meantime. – Deborah, staff writer