10 things we learned and loved at Big Hair Do 2021

Headmasters, Dulwich

The Big Hair Do is THE place to learn the best tips and tricks for your hair. As salons up and down the country threw open their doors to celebrate the Big Hair Do 2021, here are some of the best bits of advice we learned…

1: Want fab hair? Then show some love to your scalp  

At Headmasters Dulwich, Nioxin’s Corin was visiting to offer microdermabrasion scalp facials. Ooh la la! “A lot of clients focus on the hair, but not a lot of people think about the health of the scalp,” she explained, “and to grow healthy hair, you have to have a healthy scalp.” A deep clean on your scalp can slough off debris, old skin cells and excess oil to give you a great starting point for your hair to grow. And the minty smell is delish too!   

Headmasters, Dulwich
Christopher Spry, Norwich

2: Swishy hair at home? Start upside down…  

We all love that swishy hair feeling you get from a salon blow dry, yet often struggle to get it ourselves at home. Want to know a cheat’s short cut? “Tilt your head upside down and dry your hair – it will give you the volume you want,” explained Ellie at Headmasters Dulwich. “Then when your head is up again, smooth it over with a round brush on a lower dryer setting to smooth down the cuticle.” A dollop of mousse on the wet hair will also help boost that volume and keep the swishy lasting longer.  

3: The secret to waves for days is all about direction 

Ever waved your hair and found one side looks aces, while the other is chaos? You’re not alone… “Where people go wrong when doing it on themselves is down to hand and eye coordination,” explains Lol at Headmasters Dulwich. “If you’re doing your left hand side, have the tool in your right hand, facing downwards. When you switch over, use your left hand. It takes a bit of practice!” Similarly, the team at Seacombe and Co also served up some top tips on waving directions. “Always angle your curl away from (rather than towards) your face,” said team member Jessica England. “Never leave curls unwound – use your hands as a comb to break them up,” added salon owner, Simon Seacombe.

Billi Currie, London

4: Condition is king 

Hairdressers are so proud to see that clients are still obsessed with the condition of their hair, working hard to keep everything in tip-top condition even between appointments. K-18 and Olaplex services are hot tickets at Billi Currie in Marylebone, London, but so too are masks and daily haircare to lock in that salon-fresh feeling. “The Schwarzkopf Professional BlondMe Mask is just divine. I love it,” said Marzena. “I love how it really moisturises the hair. It’s ideal for our blonde highlight clients, the hair always looks shiny, the colour genuinely looks more vibrant.” 

Likewise, for clients looking to keep their colour looking fresh for longer, the team at Seacombe and Co recommends the very popular choice of Schwarzkopf Professional Fibreplex. It’s a hydrating, protecting maintenance system for colour hair, which can be used used before and during a colour service, as well at-home after the colour refresh.

5: Mousse is BACK baby! 

“Mousse is back – I’ve used it several times today on clients!” explained Chris at Billi Currie. “The Schwarzkopf Professional Fab Foam is great, it gives clients the volume they want effortlessly. Mousse isn’t what it used to be, it’s not crunchy or sticky. Mousse is definitely back.” Don’t be afraid of the product – play around with it at home, learn how much to use, so that for your next big party or event you’re super confident. 

Younger Day Spa, Lossiemouth
Hair products available at the Big Hair Do 2021
Wardman Alexander Hairdressing, Bradford
Morgan & Company Hair and Beauty, Nottingham

6: The blow-dry has evolved 

“So many people are coming in for their blow-dries, but they don’t want to LOOK like they have had a blow-dry,” Chris explained. “They want to treat themselves to the salon experience but they don’t want to look like they’ve made too much effort, like the big bouncy blow-dries of the past.” The new look? Taken down a notch, still with that shiny-smooth finish but with less volume. Like the best blow-dry that you could ever achieve, yourself, at home, with just a touch of added pizzazz that can only come from the hands of a pro. “People are so appreciative of their stylists, of being able to spend time with them again – it’s great,” he adds. 

7: Copper is THE colour of the season  

Whether applied all over or as a toner over existing colour, so many clients are asking us to ‘warm them up’, says Simon Seacombe. “Multi-tonal and rich – not too muted, glossy, big, bouncy and full – that’s my favourite type of copper. Plus, we always make sure every application is completely unique – even if it’s the difference of a few grams in the formula, every client will leave with their own copper.” 

Christopher Spry, Norwich
Hair being plaited at the Big Hair Do 2021 at Headmasters in Dulwich
Headmasters, Dulwich

8: Perfect plaits – we have the techniques! 

Want a tight braid to stay in place? Start with hair that’s still a bit wet – it’s easier to keep it all in place. Comb through with your fingers as you braid, to keep the hair in place, and have a fine comb on hand to comb up into the braid to make sure any stray hairs are combed back down. The bonus of this is with damper hair, the look when you take it out will be curlier and give you a gorgeous second look! Want a braid to look fatter? Simple – tease the links apart a little (not too much!) to splay out the braided hair, and it will look loads wider. 

Seacombe and Co, Chichester
Seacombe and Co, Chichester

9: The secret to a perfect pamper session? Oils. 

People often think that oil products will leave hair greasy, when actually they can soften the hair and provide vitamins and minerals that get stripped from frequent washing. When used on the scalp as part of a head massage, oils can also help with exfoliation, as well as helping you to de-stress and really zen out. The Jelago team in Cardiff were offering Schwarzkopf Professional Oil Ultime well-being treatments at the backwash, with a choice of relaxing Lavender and Jasmine or energising Ylang Ylang and Mandarin, spritzed over the hair and combined with a head massage.  

Fox Hair Design, Leicester
Braids being styled at the Big Hair Do 2021
Hair Shac by the Pier, Harwich

10: Everyone is ready to get back together! 

“One of the big reasons we did The Big Hair Do this year was for our team, for our new recruits,” Debbie Currie, director of Billi Currie, explained. “We want to get back to normality, let’s have something we can all do together and enjoy. Let’s just not make everything about COVID, which we’re all ready to be over. We’ve invited lots of clients that have been to us before, and then we’ve also invited other people in the industry, and the local area. Come and see us, come and say hello, while you’re here. We’re actually surprised at how many more people said yes, this year than previous years. I think they just want they want to go out and do something together.” 

Clients at the Big Hair Do 2021 at Billie Currie hair salon in London
Billi Currie, London

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