The lazy girl’s guide to roots: Part one

It’s a cycle many of us are more than familiar with – one minute you’re stepping out of the salon with perfect colour, then a few weeks down the line your natural colour has sneaked up and along your parting, tormenting you until you can get another appointment. Nightmare.

So what can be done about your roots during this period of limbo? Luckily there have been some recent innovations which mean that you can take care of this problem at home. We asked some top stylists for their recommendations and here’s what they came up with…

Style it out

Your roots are most obvious in a straight line along your parting, but with a quick restyle, you can disguise them a little. “The best way to hide roots is to avoid definite partings,” says Tom Cruickshank, senior colourist at Neville Hair and Beauty. Katie Allan, creative manager at Charles Worthington recommends creating some volume to blur the lines. “Wear your hair curly rather than straight, creating as much root lift as possible,” she advises.


Sparkle on

Going to a glitzy event? If you’re feeling brave, then blind them with sparkles and hop on one of Instagram’s biggest trends - because glitter roots are the way forward says Rachel Valentine for seanhanna salons. “Whether you are wearing your hair down, or have it in braids, apply L'oreal Extreme Splash onto your parting with any kind of brush. Then shake some glitter over the gel and voila the roots are covered! It’s perfect for a relaxed festival look.”



Try a root cover-up

“Tinted root concealers offer a quick fix that will last until the next time you wash your hair,” says Donald Black, colourist at Neville Hair and Beauty. “There are so many colours to choose from so pick the one closest to your own base color.” And there are many different consistencies too - Fudge Professional Root Disguisers are powders available in four shades and instantly disguise root regrowth for coverage that washes out instantly. Read more about the latest root coverups here!  

Or turn to the dry shampoo

No root concealer? No problem. “For the ultimate quick fix, when you just need it done then and there whilst rushing to work, pop into any convenience store and grab a dry shampoo,” says Donald Black. “Tinted formulas, such as Batiste's Hint of Color will give off a more uniform tone, but even translucent versions will tone down the appearance of dark roots or light roots as well.”

Pop into the salon

Okay, so you might not be able to get a full on colour appointment, but see if your hairdresser can help you out. “We have a service called a base break which involves a lightening gel that will lift the natural hair slightly without getting your full colour done,” says Lloyd Court of seanhanna salons. “It won't give you your full result, but will definitely blend the regrowth and is much quicker!”

Reconsider your colour

And if you want to stop worrying about your roots, it might be worth considering a colour treatment like a root blur, which breaks up the harsh lines and makes your roots a feature, rather than a flaw. Read our review of the root blur service at Radio Salon in London here, and see if it’s for you – because we heard grunge is coming back, y’know!