Don’t hold back – tell us what YOU think about your salon!

Fancy a free shampoo and have five minutes to spare? Then head this way – we want to know what you think about your hair, the products you use, and your salon

Hello Layered Online community! How ya doing? January sucks, right? Yeah, we know. But we’re here to cheer you up and make you feel important, because that’s what you are. We would LOVE your opinion on your hair salon – what you like, what you look for, what you buy – because we feel it’s vital that hairdressers and hair brands know what you’re thinking and work hard to GET. IT. RIGHT. And guess what? While getting your feelings off your chest will make you feel amazing, for the first 100 respondents there’s also a free Paul Mitchell Shampoo One Gentle Wash (300ml), worth £10.95. AND all those who generously share their time and thoughts will be entered into a draw to win a year’s worth of Paul Mitchell products! HELL YES!

So, make yourself a cup of tea/coffee/January detox smoothie, settle in and let us know what you’re feeling about your salon and your hair. Thank you from Layered Online and Salon Success – it means the world to us!

Right, here we go…

Tell us what YOU think about your salon!

  • First, please give us your details

    We are giving away Paul Mitchell shampoos to the first 100 respondents

just so you know, Salon Success (the lovely gang that supports UK salons with things like products, business advice and sales help) will use the results of this survey in its marketing materials to UK salons, so they know what you’re thinking too. Thank you!

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